Restaurant: Porch Light Coffeehouse | Facebook: @porchlightcoffeehouse  | 417 SW 3rd St, Ankeny, IA 50023 | 8/11/2017


Grace: 2/5

Josh: 2.87/5

Why Porch Light Coffeehouse?

Josh: We love trying new coffee places and we had never been here before.  That’s a good reason as any!

Grace: Porch Light opened recently in Ankeny, and is pretty close to where we live. Couldn’t not check out a new coffee place!

The Meal

Josh: I usually get my iced mochas but I wanted to get something new. I tried a “PB Puddle Jumper”. This includes “coffee base, real peanut butter, chocolate sauce, double shot espresso, ice, milk, whip”.

It was basically a peanut butter shake. It was filled with peanut butter and that’s all you tasted. Let’s just say that it was damn good but very sweet. I love my sweet drinks but this was almost too much (but I of course finished it. Duh).

If you’re looking for a blended peanut butter drink: this is 100% it. Just be prepared that it may destroy your teeth.

We also got mini doughnuts and they were good! They were like the mini doughnuts at the Iowa State Fair. Cakey, flaky, and good. No complaints. I honestly don’t care that they weren’t fresh because it was yummy.

Grace: Not a meal so much as a treat. I ordered a cappuccino and we split some mini donuts.

Porch Light Coffeehouse, Ankeny, coffee, cappuccino

The cappuccino was ok. Porch Light roasts their own beans in-house, and to me, they were burnt. My cappuccino just tasted like the cardboard cup it was in, and it was WAY too hot (which probably helped leach the cardboard taste into it as well). It was still drinkable, I finished it, but I wasn’t overly enthused about it.

I wished they had mugs and plates for us since we were dining in! It would be a lot less wasteful, and maybe would help the coffee to not taste like cardboard.

Porch Light Coffeehouse, Ankeny, coffee, mini donuts

The donuts, though advertised as “hot & fresh”, were definitely shipped to the store frozen & from a separate company. They were fine, but nothing special. Just plain old cinnamon mini donuts!

Porch Light Coffeehouse, Ankeny, coffee, mini donuts

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Porch Light Coffeehouse, Ankeny, coffee,

Grace: Porch Light is very clean and very meh. It’s very Ankeny – even though it’s in an older building they’ve managed to replace any character with greige paint and pseudo-contemporary decor. Again, it’s fine. Just kind of boring.


The barista was nice, but a little pushy. We had never been there before and it didn’t feel like she was very patient with us trying to take in the (rather large) menu and decide what we wanted.

Porch Light Coffeehouse, Ankeny, coffee,

Prices were on par with other coffee shops in the area – though you’d probably be better off at one of the other ones!

Josh: Porch Light is pretty cool inside! It’s very clean and very sterile and it doesn’t look like it’s been broken in yet. It’s also big inside and pretty open. Grace calls it boring and I call it…a coffee shop. It looks pretty normal.

The prices were good and the staff was kind. It’s in a nice part of Ankeny and right near a bike trail. Nothing else to say. Give it a try if you’re in Ankeny!


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