Restaurant: Horizon Line Coffee | Twitter: None | 1417 Walnut St B, Des Moines, IA 50309 | 7/8/2017


Grace: 4.5/5

Josh: 4.28/5

Why Horizon Line Coffee?

Josh: We were heading to Day 2 of 80/35 and we wanted some coffee before hand. Horizon Line Coffee is relatively new and it was close to where the festival was held. We decided to go!

Grace: How do you turn down a coffee date? That’s right. You don’t. Especially when it involves donuts.

The Meal

Josh: On the weekends, Horizon Line sells pastries. The pastries are all vegan and supplied by Brightside Kitchen (which Grace will explain more thoroughly below). That being said, we each decided to get a little treat with our coffee beverage.

I decided to get a chili lime doughnut because why the hell not. I’ve never had a chili lime doughnut let alone  ever heard of such a thing. So again, why the hell not?

It tasted like it sounds. It had a great lime flavor with a hint of spice at the end. Imagine what it may taste like and you are probably right. Since the doughnut was vegan it was light and refreshing (if a doughnut can be such a thing). I also didn’t feel like a POS after eating it.

For my coffee…can you guess? Can you? I could shamelessly link other coffee places where I’ve gotten the same thing but I won’t. Just kidding damn right I’ll be shameless (Scenic Route, Ritual, 5 Borough, Cafe Diem). No shame.

My ICED MOCHA was great and it was actually different than the others I’ve had. This iced mocha had oat milk. Now I couldn’t tell you what oat milk is but it’s freaking delicious. I guess it has oats and stuff in it?  I don’t know, man, but if you want a milk alternative, try oat milk. It’s yummy.

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Grace: I was SO EXCITED when I found out that not only was a new coffee shop opening in Des Moines, but a new coffee shop that was serving VeGaN dOnUtS. As Josh said above, vegan donuts are – in my experience – much lighter and less of a stomach-bomb than traditional donuts. Literally have your cake (donut) and eat it too.

Sidebar: is it “donut” or “doughnut”? I’m going to continue saying “donut”. Don’t @ me.

I enjoyed a Ginger Chai donut. It was freaking incredible. Light, fluffy, not too gingery, but definitely not too sweet. And again, like Josh said, I didn’t feel like a POS after I ate it.

Here’s the breakdown: Horizon Line Coffee is the coffee shop and provides the drinks. Brightside Kitchen is a vegan bakery that has partnered with them to provide bakery items on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday on a first-come, first-serve basis. Brightside Kitchen has also started selling at DSM Brew (to be reviewed at a later date).

I love that we’re getting more vegan options in Des Moines. I am not, nor will I probably ever be, 100% vegan all the time, but damn if I don’t love trying new things and eating well (both good food and good (better?) for you – obviously a donut is never good for you, but at least you know this isn’t loaded down with cholesterol, etc.). I think it’s great to have a variety of options for a variety of diets in little Des Moines. Gotta keep us cool (but not too cool).

I also enjoyed a beautiful little oat milk cappuccino. Apparently oat milk has more calories than whole milk? Whatever, it was delicious and rich and didn’t give me stomach pains, so it’s all good in my book. Would definitely recommend.

Horizon Line also has coffee cocktails (non-alcoholic) and coffee flights, both of which intrigue me. I am definitely going to be returning to try more treats.

horizon line coffee, brightside kitchen, des moines iowa, coffee, des moines, vegan, bakery

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: Horizon Line is very modern – clean lines, minimal art and things on the wall, cool metal furniture. I like it a lot, though it’s almost a little too sterile. However, that will surely wear off as it becomes more established.

The staff is so kind. They’re the ones that suggested oat milk when I ordered my drink with soy – they assured me oat was the way to go and was much better than soy, and they weren’t wrong! They also have almond milk and coconut milk (they’re not restocking soy milk after they run out as the other three alternatives are much more popular).

The guys that own Horizon Line moved here from LA, which I think is the only way Des Moines is going to keep getting cool coffee shops and stores. I love it.

Prices were comparable to other coffee shops downtown, and you definitely get your money’s worth. Highly, highly recommend this place – stop by next time you’re in the area (it’s basically kitty-corner from Exile if you need a point of reference).

Josh: Horizon Line is tucked away on Walnut Street. They don’t have a giant sign out front and you could possibly miss it if you weren’t looking for it. Inside, however, is very sleek and modern. They have their menu painted on the wall and it just looks clean (they have various other seasonal drink items as well). The vibe really works for the area and they play great music (including Beach House one time I was there).

Horizon Line coffee is quickly becoming a new favorite coffee spot in the Des Moines area. Check it out if you haven’t already!


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