Restaurant: Yankee Clipper | Twitter: @YankeeClipperIA  | 2312 SW Maple St, Ankeny, IA 50023 | 5/23/2017


Grace: 3.5/5

Josh: 3/5

Why Yankee Clipper?

Josh: We live in Ankeny so we always seem to go to Ankeny establishments. Makes sense to me.

Grace: Taco Tuesday! We had been to the Yankee Clipper for drinks but never for food. I hadn’t, at least. Figured why not!

The Meal

Josh: It was Taco Tuesday! Yankee Clipper has a special menu that they only roll out on Tuesday’s so we didn’t get the full “Clipper experience”. But tacos are good as hell so who cares.

We split nachos to start and they were disappointing. I consider myself a nacho connoisseur (a nacho snob if you will) and these weren’t good. The chips were mediocre and it looked like they microwaved the cheese on the chips. That’s a big no-no. You use queso on nachos and not luke-warm shredded cheese. It was a disappointment.

The tacos were dope as hell though. This may seem odd but to me it was a cross between Tasty Tacos and Taco Bell. It reminded me of Tasty Tacos because of the shell. The shell at Yankee Clipper was warm and crispy just like at Tasty Tacos. Though Tasty Tacos had a cleaner taste, Yankee Clipper tacos are bigger so it’s hard to say. It reminded me of Taco Bell because it wasn’t necessarily mixed well. I would take a bite and get a load of beef. I would take another bite and get a load of sour cream. It was inconsistent in its ratio proportions and it was noticeable.

It was good though.

Grace: We ordered nachos to split. They were average. The cheese was like shredded cheese microwaved onto chips, which I not-so-secretly love, but Josh hates. They had the usual toppings: chicken, green onion, tomato, lettuce, sour cream, etc. They were good! Nothing earth-shattering but this is a dive bar we’re talking about.

The tacos were something else. The biggest grease bomb I have ever had maybe in my life. It was easily a pound of ground beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sour cream, in a super-thick, fried shell. It was glorious but I also felt like I needed to walk or just sit and die after. Would be great for a hangover, honestly.

Got a Coors Light too. Nothing better. Am I trash?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: Yankee Clipper is your typical dive bar. Nothing fancy or trying too hard, which is a rare find in Ankeny (buurrrrrrn). There are arcade games and TV’s everywhere and it’s extremely casual. They also have PBnJ Wednesdays, which is where you get a PBR and a shot of Jameson for $5. I have not tried this experience, but I would be open to it.

It’s cheap, good food. I felt a little rushed, as in, I was halfway through eating my taco and the waiter asked me kind of aggressively if I wanted a box. And I was like no, it’s still in my hand, I am mid-chew, leave me alone pls. I finished the damn taco.

I love the atmosphere of Yankee Clipper, and the food is good even though it’s greasy af. The service could be a little better, but again, it’s a dive bar and they probably could not care less.

Yankee Clipper is located in Uptown, Ankeny, which is a very cute part of town that I highly recommend visiting B E F O R E you judge us for Delaware Ave. or anything north of 1st street.

Josh: Dive bars are the best. Just like Mullets or The High Life  in Des Moines, Yankee Clipper is the dive bar of Ankeny. We sat in the downstairs portion of the restaurant where it was a little quieter. Like Grace said, they have arcade games, slot machines, and a nice bar area. It was confusing because you sit yourself but there wasn’t a sign telling you that. I hate those awkward moments…

The service was a little slow but it didn’t kill the vibe or the experience at all. They have a nice patio to the side with a big bike rack. It’s right off the High Trestle Trail so it’s in a perfect location for riders or walkers alike. The price was good though I still think I got ripped off by the nachos…

I would come back again! I would try another night where I wasn’t limited to only Taco Tuesday. It’s also a great place to go after Firetrucker closes and you’re not ready to end your night yet. Party on!


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