Restaurant: Black Cat Ice Cream | Twitter: None  | 1501 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309 | 4/15/2017 |


Grace: 5/5

Josh: 5/5

Why Black Cat?

Josh: We were walking around the Sculpture Garden after eating lunch at Ritual Cafe and catching Pokemon. As we were enjoying the beautiful day we remembered that Black Cat was nearby. We decided to stop on by!

Grace: The most impulsive review we’ve ever done. We were walking around the Sculpture Garden downtown and saw that it was open. It was one of the first warm days of spring, so we couldn’t turn down ice cream!

The Meal

Josh: This will be short and sweet: I got “Cookie Monster” (as did Grace). It was very generous in toppings. It was filled with cookie dough, brownie bits, and some crunchy stuff. It was also blue and adorable! I need to go back and judge more of their flavors and you better believe I’ll be back multiple times this summer.

Grace: Coooookie Monster. Vanilla ice cream (dyed blue), cookie dough, chocolate bits, and brownie bites. Friends, this was so delicious and rich and generous in toppings. It was everything ice cream should be.

I really want to try their vegan flavors, but Spicy Coconut Curry wasn’t appealing to me on this particular day, and that was the only vegan flavor they had.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: Black Cat Ice Cream is window service! I had always wondered how exactly you get to it – that’s how! So, there’s not a ton in the way of atmosphere, but it’s hella cute.  Ice cream is $5/cup, which seems a little steep until you realize everything is local and that it is, in fact, very delicious. I believe they also sell by the pint, but I didn’t see any prices for that. The service was friendly and prompt!

Josh: Just like Van Dees, you order from the outside. It’s in a perfect location right near the Sculpture Garden and the Gas Lamp on Grand. They have a menu outside with their flavors of the day. Like Grace said, ice cream is $5 a cup. That’s not awful for the quality of the ice cream. And unlike Van Dees, they accept cards! There is no excuse to not try it out and catch Pokemon while you’re there.

Update – 6/16/17

Josh: We went again and it was still fantastic. They also had a larger variety of flavors which made it difficult to choose from.

Or so you would think. I was boring and got Vanilla Bean Bourbon and Grace got…Cookie Monster…again. With all the new flavors and she couldn’t try something new. Tsk tsk.

(It was still freaking delicious and is probably my favorite ice cream shop in Des Moines)


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