Restaurant: Bubba | Twitter: Nope! But you can find them on Facebook or Instagram. | 200 10th Street, Des MoinesIowa 50309 | 3/18/2017


Grace: 4/5

Josh: 4.38/5

Des Moines, Bubba, Bowties

Why Bubba?

Josh: Roll Tide

Grace: We were going to an Iowa Wild game that night and decided to have a fancy-ish dinner beforehand. Dead serious. This is not the first time, either. Couple years ago, we went to Django before a Wild game. That’s just how we roll.

The Meal

Grace: We started with the Southern Bread Basket, which included two biscuits and two pieces of cornbread. This was just ok – I thought both items were a little chewy. They both had great flavor though, and I liked the biscuits better than the cornbread. The basket came with a honey butter spread and an orange marmalade. The honey butter was ok; the orange marmalade was delicious! I really really enjoyed it.

Friends Nick & Megan came with us and split some deviled eggs. I didn’t have any, but thought they were hella cute.

Deviled Eggs, des moines, bubba, southern comfort

For my entree, I had the two-piece fried chicken dinner. Ohhh baby. You don’t go to a southern comfort-themed restaurant and not get fried chicken, right? Right.

My chicken came with mashed potatoes and mixed greens, and I got to choose two sides; I chose green beans and black-eyed peas. Everything was so delicious. I thought the fried chicken was overly-greasy (“but it’s fried!” I know I know..), and it was my least favorite thing on the plate BUT it was still really really good fried chicken. So you should still eat it.

fried chicken dinner

I’ve only ever had black-eyed peas at Bubba, and DAMN they are delicious. I don’t even know you guys. It was just them in some garlicky-tasting sauce and I loved it. The green beans were cooked with bacon, so obviously they were delicious, and they were crisp, not mushy. The potatoes were potatoes – garlic mashed, the best kind. They’re hiding under that salad situation, which was also very simple and delicious.

fried chicken dinner

I almost forgot about drinks! I had a Peach Julep. I typically don’t love whiskey (but I’m trying), but I thought this was delicious. Very summery and refreshing, and you could taste the peach! Also, look at it. It’s adorable.

Peach Julep

Josh: As Grace stated above, we had bread for an appetizer. Unlike Grace however, I found the cornbread superior to the biscuits. I also thought the honey butter was way better than the orange marmalade. We tend to have differences in food and I’m usually correct. Roll Tide.

For my entree, I ordered chicken and waffles. I have only had chicken and waffles two times in my life: Bubba and the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas. I had it first in Vegas with bottomless mimosas (that were crappily done and nowhere near as good as Americana‘s). I thought it was delicious! Everyone else at the table (who ultimately ordered the same thing) thought it was too sweet. I was so naive.

The chicken and waffles at Bubba are so much better than at the Hard Rock Cafe (shocker). The chicken was tender and the waffle was soft in the inside and crisp on the outside. You also got TWO whole pieces of chicken with it! Talk about quantity. The weird thing was that the bones were still in the chicken. It was difficult to eat chicken and waffles with a fork with the bones still in the chicken. Add maple syrup to it and it was messy city. Do chicken and waffles usually have bone-in in the south? Whatever, it was good. Roll Tide.

Got an Old Fashioned for a drink. It was simple and delicious. It wasn’t incredibly strong and favored toward the sweet side. Roll Tide.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Josh: Bubba is what I assume all restaurants look like in the south (spoiler alert: I’ve never been to the south besides Sanibel Island, Florida and Houston, Texas so I obviously know nothing). I can only assume this is where Nick Saban takes his recruits to get them to go to the best university for football.

Roll Damn Tide.

Grace: I. Want. To. Live. In. Bubba. The next time someone asks me my style aesthetic, I’ll just say “Bubba Des Moines”. Look at this place.


The service was great; everyone was super polite and very helpful. Very southern charm! Bubba is a little higher on the price scale, on par with Centro or Magnolia Wine Kitchen, but the portions are very generous and definitely worth it for a fun night out. Go!



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