Restaurant: PerKup Cafe | Twitter: @Perkup_Cafe | 2700 University Ave #328, West Des Moines, IA 50266 | 12/23/2016



Grace: 5/5

Josh: 4/5

Why PerKup?

Josh: It was my first day of Winter Break  (and Grace had the day off too) so we decided to go out for breakfast. I had to finish start my Christmas shopping anyway so this would get me through the day.

Grace: I love breakfast and I LOVE PerKup. Thought I’d help Joshy fuel up for his whirlwind shopping day + celebrate the fact that my new employer is generous with their holiday time.

The Meal

Josh: I had “Jack’s Stack” which came with two Pancakes, hash browns, two sausage links, and two pieces of bacon. I also ordered two eggs (sunny side up) because no breakfast is complete without eggs.


It was a simple yet pleasing meal. My eggs were nice and runny and the pancakes were pancake-y. The hash browns were simple and I mixed them with my eggs.


Sausage was sausage. The bacon was slightly crispy and slightly chewy. I prefer my bacon on the super crispy side so it was whatever.


The food was good. I have nothing to complain about and nothing to rave about. It was good, simple, quality food. I was also full so that was a plus.

Grace: OK, one thing Josh did not mention up there was that one of his eggs had a broken yolk and apparently this is a bad thing and our server brought him a new one for free because she felt bad about it. So that was cool!


I started with a soy mocha. It was good! They use Intelligentsia coffee, which is delicious. I like that their mochas aren’t overly sweet like some places, and the mug was ginormous, which is a plus. I also appreciate that there is a soy milk option (they also have almond milk!) for the dairy-sensitive among us.


I had the Marshall for breakfast. Eggs, hash browns, bacon, and French toast.

We need to talk about PerKup’s French toast. They use Big Sky Bread Apple Cinnamon Swirl bread to make it AND there are cornflake crunchies on the crust. It’s so good. They also offer a blueberry option now, but I stuck with this classic.

I also really really love their hash browns – they’re always super crispy on the outside which is important to me. Eggs are eggs – not too hard to mess up scrambled eggs. And bacon. Oh bacon. I’m still off bacon – it just doesn’t taste good to me. Go ahead, take away my Iowa card. But it looked good!

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: PerKup is a cute little spot – homey and cozy. The interior decor is not necessarily my style, but it’s cute and clean so who cares? Service is always friendly and helpful, and you saw my story up there about Josh’s eggs – how nice is that?! Their prices are very reasonable, especially for how much food you get.

Additional note: they were originally located in Urbandale and had to move because they got so big! It’s owned by a local family and the dishes there are named after family members, which is sweet. Support them – go have delicious breakfast! (We don’t know them personally, I just think it’s awesome to see a tiny little Urbandale breakfast spot get so big in the day of Perkins & IHOP.)


Josh: This place is a lot bigger than their original location in Urbandale. Their last location was so small and you had to get there very early to get a table. This new location is spacious and inviting. It’s cozy and has a hometown feel to it.


It’s a place that locals go to. The people behind us were talking about how they were excited for Obama to leave office and Trump to take over. God help us all.


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