Restaurant: La Pizza House | Twitter: None  | 1440 Maury St, Des Moines, IA 50317 | 11/25/2016


Grace: 4/5

Josh: 5/5 (Extreme Bias)

Why La Pizza House?


Josh: My family has a Black Friday tradition that we do annually. We go to the Festival of Trees and Lights and then go out to dinner at La Pizza House. I’m not sure how it originated but we’ve been doing it since I was a little kid. The Friday after Thanksgiving has always been the start of Christmas to me and I hold it dear to my heart. You should not trust my review as it has extreme bias and a lot of nostalgia. You’ve been warned.

Grace: See above. I’m happy to get to tag along!



Josh: After trying to find the history of La Pizza House, it’s closing, it’s re-opening, and it’s closing and moving locations: I found one that sums it up. Please read this article if you’d like to learn more. Here’s a little background on why this is so nostalgic for me: I’ve always considered the Friday after Thanksgiving (or “Black Friday”) to be the start of Christmas. My parents have gone to the original La Pizza House since the mid-80’s when they were just dating. They were regulars and would vist about once a month. When my brother and I came into the picture, they attended less but still came to La Pizza House when they could. After awhile , a tradition was born and we now come every Friday after Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s special because it’s once a year. Maybe it’s special because of all of the family memories and attending the Festival of Trees and Lights before going. Whatever it is, the Friday after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year.

The Meal

Josh: We ordered what we’ve ordered for years: An order of onion rings, a large pepperoni pizza, and a large meatball pizza.


With my extreme bias, all I will say is that the food is good. The onion rings are some of my favorite and their pizza is some of the best in Des Moines. That’s all I have to say.

Onion Rings

Please trust Grace with her honest, non-biased review.

I like Parmesan cheese…







Grace: Hi! Isn’t this the sweetest?

La Pizza House is delicious! I enjoyed both of my pizzas, though I enjoyed the meatball pizza slightly more. They’re so saucy! The sauce was mixed in/on top of the cheese, and all the toppings were very generous. Their crust is also really good.


My only complaint was with the onion rings, they were a little bland, but a little salt made all the difference. I feel like a dick for saying that after this precious story, but Tina did it first so you can’t question it HA.


Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: La Pizza House is a little bit of a dive, but super cozy. The wait staff are what you would expect – kind but busy & take-no-shit. Our server was extremely nice and so were all the other ones working, but one of them did yell at someone for leaving the door open, which I think is awesome.


To be honest, I don’t even know what the prices are because every time I’ve been, we’ve gotten the same thing without opening the menu (no complaints – thanks for dinner, Mike & Tina!)

Josh: This location sucks compared to their original location. Their original location was big and old-timey inside. We would always sit upstairs because downstairs was the smoking section. Even when smoking was abolished in Iowa restaurants, we still sat upstairs because my brother and I wouldn’t let us sit downstairs (I guess we’re not a fan of change).


This new location is one big room and a kitchen. There’s not much to it and it makes me sad :(. Oh well, at least this place is still in business I guess.


Don’t expect great service either. They won’t come to your table often or ask if you need a refill. In the winter time, they will yell at you to close the door if you keep it open and are letting the cold air in. You don’t come for the service, you come for the pizza.



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