Restaurant: Jethro’s BBQ  ‘n Bacon Bacon | Twitter: @MmmJethros  | 1480 22nd St, West Des Moines, IA 50266 | 9/5/2016



Grace: 4/5

Josh: 5/5

Why Jethro’s BBQ  ‘n Bacon Bacon?

Josh: I guess we have a Labor Day tradition? Labor Day 2015 we went to the Drake Diner so we decided to hit a different breakfast spot this year.

Grace: Plus, breakfast is the most important meal of the day (and in this case, the only one).

The Meal

Josh: Looking at their menu, I was at a loss of what to get. They have some good options. Should I get a Skillet? A Breakfast Burrito? Or should I go with a standard? Before I decided, I needed a drink.


Cue this fresh squeezed Orange Juice from heaven. Oh goodness was this good. They call it the “Squeezerator” and it is literally freshly squeezed orange juice. I have never had freshly squeezed orange juice before  so this was a new feeling and I don’t think  can go back to carton orange juice. (Though if we’re on the subject: pulp > no pulp). Fight me.

Though the orange juice was dynamite, it was the meal that had me hot and heavy. “The Cowboy Breakfast” came with a full half pound of Texas brisket and two extra large eggs, hashbrowns and your choice of toast.


I love brisket. Woody’s screwed me with dry brisket. Smokey D’s screwed me with dry brisket. Why do I bother getting it again and again? Because places like Jethro’s redeems my faith in Iowa BBQ.

This brisket was damn good. It had flavor, it wasn’t dry, and there was a half pound of it.  Quantity > Quality.


Though the quantity was amazing, the quality was also incredible. The hashbrowns were good, the eggs were good (sunny side up, y’all), and the brisket was the icing on the cake (meat on the eggs? idk). I didn’t really touch the toast because…it’s toast. I also had some bites of Grace’s pancakes so I didn’t need no toast.


Call me a savage, but I mixed all of the eggs, all of the hashbrowns, and some of the brisket. Looks like mush but it was tasty.

Grace: Josh is a savage. Just… no with the eggs, buddy.

HI. I too, got orange juice.

Sup Taylor
Sup Taylor

It was so good! When I lived in the dorms at UNI they had a juicer and this brought me right back. All orange juice should be is fresh squeezed oranges tbh, so this was amazing.

This is also where the healthy items stopped.

I loved breakfast. I consider my love of breakfast to be on a Ron Swanson level.


I ordered the Buttermilk pancakes. Boring? Sure. But pancakes are delicious. I also got hashbrowns and a side of pit ham. Admittedly, I don’t lose my shit over bacon like everyone else in Iowa, but I got the bacon butter with my pancakes, because I figured I should have something bacon at the bacon house.

Sorry, arteries.


First of all, this dish could feed a small country. It’s a little obscene, but it was so delicious. The pancakes were rich and fluffy, as they should be. I love buttermilk pancakes, and these were *100 emoji*. Didn’t love the bacon butter. It was too much. Also didn’t love the pit ham, but it was – to me – the best option there (you will recall that I’m not big on BBQ).


The HASHBROWNS. They came out hot and were crispy on the outside!! I’ve been burned by hashbrowns before, when they look crispy but really they’re soggy. These were sooooo good. I would order a plate of just hashbrowns if I could, tbh. And orange juice 😉



Lol. Not even close.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: Jethro’s is a little over-the-top on the decor, but I love it.  I think all the neon signs are a fun touch. Our server was super nice, and patient with us not knowing what the heck we wanted to eat right away. Prices are great…did you SEE how much food you get? Ridiculous. But great.


Josh: This Jethro’s looks like all of the other Jethro’s. It has the same awards, the same atmosphere, and the same feel. It’s a sports bar that just happens to be open for breakfast. The prices are decent (you can find cheaper breakfasts elsewhere though) and the wait staff was friendly. Jethro’s is a Des Moines staple and their food speaks for itself. Give it a try.



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