Restaurant: Cafe Diem | Twitter: @cafediem_ankeny  | 2005 S Ankeny Blvd, Ankeny, IA 50023 | 8/28/2016



Grace: 2/5

Josh: 2.3/5.0

Why Cafe Diem?

Josh: We wanted to get some coffee and realized we haven’t been to Cafe Diem in awhile. We live in Ankeny so we thought we might as well go here. I haven’t been here in awhile so what the hell.

Grace:  We had a lazy Sunday – so NICE – and decided to go have lunch. Neither of us had been here for a while (me, not since DMACC days!) so thought why not?

The Meal

Josh: I’m a frappé man. I love a good mocha frappé like it’s my job. When I would go out to coffee with my family, my mom would ask “are you getting your girly drink again?” Yes, mom. Because my drink choice doesn’t define my gender or my masculinity as a whole. I’ll drink what I damn well please and I’ll enjoy it. Team Frappé for life.


Cafe Diem doesn’t serve blended drinks. Whatever, I like a good iced mocha. Let’s do it.


I’m not a connoisseur of iced mocha’s as I mostly get frappé’s when I get coffee (unless I’m really feeling it or the  coffee place doesn’t serve blended drinks). This one was good? I’ll be honest when I say I don’t know. It was chocolaty and I couldn’t taste too much coffee. So I guess it was perfect. That works.


I was hungry so I got a Turkey Club sandwich with Kettle Chips. The sandwich was pretty good honestly as it had the components of a turkey sandwich. Deli meat, bread, lettuce, mayo based dressing, and cheese. The problem is that I could have made this at home and it would be just as good.


I’m not a fan of potato chips but Kettle Chips are better than regular chips so that’s a plus. The food here isn’t special but people mainly come for the coffee and that’s a good thing. Oh, I had a bite of Grace’s sandwich and LOL wait until you see hers. It’s something.

Grace: I started with a soy latte. It’s my standard. This one was just meh. It tasted scorched and kind of like cardboard. I’m not sure if that was because of the cup, the temperature (SCALDING), the soymilk, or a combination of the three. It was just ok. I probably wouldn’t get it again.


I also ordered an egg sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese served on a croissant. Friends…this was the most disappointing egg sandwich I have consumed. Look at it.


Look at the croissant. They have destroyed it. It looks like a hockey puck. They literally put all the stuff on the croissant and then obliterated it in a panini press. It’s so sad.

Croissants are supposed to be light, fluffy, buttery. This was flat and hard and a little burnt on the bottom. The sausage was nothing special. The eggs were eggs. I was sad.

What they SHOULD HAVE DONE was make the eggs, melt the cheese on top while the eggs were still on the stove, then warm the croissant in an oven (hell, even a microwave, just don’t smash it), slice the croissant in half, then put on the sausage, then the egg/cheese, then GENTLY place the undisturbed top half of the croissant on top.


I had a bite of Josh’s sandwich too. It was fine. Nothing spectacular. Womp womp.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: I did like the atmosphere in here. They had the amazing IKEA flower chandelier that I’ve coveted for years and will continue to covet until I own it.


It was your typical coffee shop vibe. The service was friendly, though there was no indication as to if we were to wait for our food up front or if they’d bring it to us. The prices were good.

Overall, the food/drinks were pretty meh for me so I probably won’t go back. The 2 stars are literally only for the chandelier. Sorry bout it.


Josh: Besides the sub-par food and decent coffee (I enjoyed mine at least), the decor in here is really cool. Cafe Diem does a good job at making this place feel like a Coffee House. They have cool paintings, murals, and couches that make it feel casual. They also have a conference room where you can have a meeting without other people disturbing you.


If you want lunch, don’t come to Cafe Diem. If you want to have coffee with your friends, hangout and maybe have a pastry or two? Then sure, this place does just fine. Cafe Diem is a neat coffee joint and is a local, small business. So the next time you’re feeling Starbucks…Try Cafe Diem instead. Chances are you’ll go back to Starbucks but you never know.



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