Restaurant: The Other Place | Twitter: @TheOPClive  | 12401 University Avenue Clive, IA 50325 | 8/27/2016
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Grace: 5/5 *100 emoji*

Josh: 4.4/5.0

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Why OP?

Josh: Why the OP? Yeah you know me!

Grace: I was gonna say what Josh said 😦  But really we had plans to be in West Des Moines and you don’t just go to West Des Moines around dinner time and not get OP, honestly. We met Josh’s family there as well which is always a good time. YAY.

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The Meal

Josh: We started with an appetizer of cheesy bread. Just like Felix & Oscar’s or the Tavern, we usually seem to gravitate towards garlic cheese bread. I’m a huge fan and have made it the main course of a meal before (OK many times).

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It was good. It was cheesy, garlicky, and the crust wasn’t too hard. It was how cheese bread should taste like.

unnamed (7)

I have nothing else to say about the cheese bread. I just needed to add an extra line for another picture.

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Then we got pizza! We came with my parents so we ordered two pizzas to split. We got the “Double Decker Pepperoni” and a “Taco” pizza.

unnamed (17)

I personally loved the pepperoni pizza. It was loaded with pepperoni and it was freaking glorious.

unnamed (22)

The taco pizza was a taco pizza. Casey’s (yes, a convenient store) has some of the best taco pizza I’ve had. It’s odd when a restaurant doesn’t compare to gas station pizza but this was the case here. Whatever, I still loved all that pepperoni.

Grace: By “OK many times” Josh means that we had cheesebread for dinner at least once a week for the last 2 years of college. I feel no shame. Even though I think I’ve all but perfected my cheesebread skillz, this was delicious too. I don’ t have a photo of it because I was busy recapping Josh’s mom on our honeymoon (WE’RE MARRIED NOW IT’S FUN) and I’m slow 😦

unnamed (25)

Double Decker Pepperoni is always a solid choice at the OP. First of all, their crust is one of my favorites, ever. It’s not too thin (which is always a bummer) and has a really distinct, delicious flavor. So you’ve got delicious crust, sauce, pepperoni, cheese, MORE pepperoni, and it’s dope. Simple, delicious, get it. It’s a safe and yummy choice.

unnamed (24)

I LOVE TACO PIZZA. This was no exception. It is LOADED with ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and chips. OP also has really good taco sauce to put on top, and they serve sour cream on the side. What more could you ask for? The Taco Pizza is super filling, but that just means leftovers 😉

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: The OP is more nostalgic for me than anything. UNI peeps know that the OP on The Hill is one of the best spots around. It’s old, worn in, kind of divey, and perfect. They try to replicate it with the new locations, and while it doesn’t have the exact same feel, you still know you’re at the damn OP. There’s Iowa sports stuff all over the place, service is casual and friendly, the tables are sticky, and, BONUS, the bathroom fits more than one person! They also have a nice patio. It’s like the Cedar Falls OP cleaned up it’s act and got a real job. Just like us. Aww.

unnamed (30)

Josh: After being in the OG Other Place, this one doesn’t feel the same. The OP on The Hill in Cedar Falls is the best. It’s small, the bathrooms are gross and the doors may or may not close all the way, and it’s just great. Whenever my parents would visit me when I went to UNI, we would go to the OP. It was my choice (I was also poor so I loved when they came to visit for free food reasons) and I never got sick of it. I also remember going there on some Wednesday’s for karaoke. There were some good times at the OP.

unnamed (34)

This OP is nothing like the one I know and love. The one in Clive is cleaner, bigger, brighter, and it’s weird. I didn’t want to go somewhere nice! I miss my old, poorly lit OP. The one in Clive has a ton of TVs, sports memorabilia, and very nice staff. It’s cool if you’re into that stuff but for now, let’s pour one out to the OG OP.

Oh and we took like 8 of these cups. Just like the college days.
Oh and we took like 8 of these cups. Just like the college days.

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