Restaurant: Waterfront | Twitter: None  | 2414 Southeast Tone’s Drive Ankeny, IA 50021 | 7/13/2016



Grace: 3.5/5

Josh:  3.6/5.0

Why Waterfront?

Josh: Grace just had her Bridal Shower and our kitchen table and bar are covered in presents and boxes. We decided that going out to eat is more fun than putting things away.

Grace: PLUS it was my birthday the next day. Built-in excuse. Woo!

The Meal


Josh: Shrimp is a go-to when I go to seafood joints so I had to get some off the bat. I decided to get a 1/4 pound batch of shrimp. I would’ve got the 1/2 pound but it gets expensive fast. That and Grace wasn’t going to have any (she’ll explain below). Fun fact: shrimp is half price on Saturday’s during their “Happy Hour”. If you want a lot of shrimp, make sure to go then.


The shrimp was great! It was peel and eat so you had to put in effort to eat it but it was worth it. It had a great taste and I would get it again. Good stuff.


My meal was the Walleye Strip Basket. It came with Walleye strips, coleslaw, and “chips” (fries). Walleye is a tasty fish so I had to get it. I also love fried fish so it was an easy choice.


This was pretty good. The Coleslaw was ehh but that was to be expected because I’m not a coleslaw fan. Maybe you’ll enjoy it I don’t know. The fries were also whatever. I know fries aren’t a seafood thing but if it’s on the menu and part of a dish, they should at least be somewhat good. These were OK…just kind of bland and boring. Ehh.


The fish itself was good. It was crispy, light and good stuff. It was nice and flaky and it kind of melted in your mouth. Grace got Clam Chowder with her meal and  think I’d substitute my boring fries for that soup because it was sooooo good. I’ve never had Clam Chowder soup before but wow it was dynamite. I can only imagine what it tastes like on the East coast…goodness.


Grace: I got the swordfish meal “on the light side”, which meant it was a 4 oz portion instead of an 8 oz portion. I am all about #riotsnotdiets; I got the small portion because I didn’t know if I would like it. It was delicious! Swordfish is…heavier? Richer? It was delicious and flaky and wonderful. Squeeze a little lemon juice on it – yum! It came with a baked potato which was HUGE and tasted like a potato. There was also warm bread which was appreciated.

Presentation wasn’t great, just throwing that out there. It matters.

ALSO! ALERT! I got a new iPhone, so soon my photos will be better! Hooray!


We NEED to talk about this clam CHOWDAH. I had never had it before and I have resolved to try more/worry less in my 25th year on this earth #deepthoughts. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, I said YOLO and got it. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was delicious! Rich and creamy and a little garlicky. I loved it, and I’d love to go back this fall and just get a big bowl of it. The portions are super generous, by the way.


Now, let’s talk about shrimp. Sorry, world. Shrimp is disgusting. Shrimp feels like chewing rubber. If shrimp is not deveined (which peel-and-eat isn’t), you are literally eating shrimp poop. Google it. Disgusting. NEXT.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: The inside of Waterfront is fun! Lots of seafood themed wall hangings, a cute pond in the entrance, etc. There’s a pretty pond out back that you can see from the patio (like a waterfront! Get it??) One bad thing – it was FREEZING in there. I was wearing shorts and a tank top because it’s 940382 degrees outside, and then it was absolutely frigid inside. No bueno.


Our server was extremely nice and was a UNI Marketing student – woo! That was a fun connection. She did a great job.

Price-wise, it’s a little expensive, but that’s to be expected to get seafood in Iowa. I don’t mind it for a special treat.


Josh: We went to the Ankeny location because it’s closer but the original is in West Des Moines. The inside is kind of bland with fish decor on the walls. There’s not a whole lot going on but that’s OK. There is a neat pond in the back which is pretty. They also have patio seating for those who would like to sit outside.


The prices are kind of pricey but I guess that’s normal. My Walleye basket was around $20 and 1/4 pound of shrimp was around $7. It would have been around $20 for a whole pound of shrimp (another reason to go to Happy Hour on Saturday’s!) Seafood is kind of pricey so I can understand.


Waitress and staff were very friendly. Ours is currently going to UNI as a Marketing Major (is that a thing?). UNI FIGHT!

The best part though…..







That’s right. Waterfront is a Pokestop. This obviously makes my score an automatic 5, right? It has to. Too bad Grip wrote his Pokemon themed review a year before this craze started. It would have been more topical and less weird.

Oh and you gotta catch ’em all. Even at the dinner table.



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