Restaurant: Van Dees | Twitter: @VanDeesIceCream | 5915 Merle Hay Rd, Johnston, IA 50131 | 6/5/2016



Grace: 5/5

Josh: 5/5

Why Van Dees?

Josh: We moved in the day before and this was a little celebration. That and she can apparently have dairy now which may have been a huge conspiracy theory that I may have to look further into.

Grace: 7 years in, we finally got around to living with each other! It was the end of moving weekend, we were exhausted, and Josh suggested Van Dee’s as a Treat Yo Self. He knows the way to my heart.


The Meal

Josh: Ice cream is very good. Ice cream is tasty. Van Dees has good ice cream. This was good.


I got a Blitz (it’s basically a Blizzard but they can’t call it a Blizzard or Dairy Queen would sue their ass).  My flavor was PB Krunch. This included a peanut butter base and little crunchies. I freaking love crunchy anything in my food so I had to get this one.


It was great! It had a peanut butter taste to it with little crunchies in it. The vanilla soft serve ice cream was also very smooth and yummy. It was a great overall combo. They also put little Googly Eyes on their ice cream cones and they ARE ADORABLE. I docked them .2 points for not putting googly eyes on their Blitz’s. I was sad.


Grace: I need to just stop everyone right here and let you know that I AM CURED. I followed some suggestions from my doctor regarding my lactose intolerance and was able to ease it back into my diet with no adverse side effects. I’m still not eating it super-regularly, because DAIRY IS NOT GOOD FOR ADULT HUMANS, but that’s a rant for another day. I don’t typically turn down ice cream. Also, I have discovered that Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Free Ice Cream is DOPE and I will probably still just eat that because it is wonderful.

tl;dr: I can eat dairy now and I went hard on some ice cream.


Van Dee’s is so delicious. I got an Oreo Blitz, which is basically a blizzard. Oreos and vanilla soft serve, so simple, so delicious. I don’t really know what else to say – it’s damn good ice cream!


Atmosphere, Service, Price


Grace: Van Dee’s is just a tiny little mom & pop ice cream stand. It’s counter service and then you eat outside. They have picnic tables set up around the building, and then there is a gazebo in the back, which we luckily got to snag. Then there’s that cute little cow mural hanging on the side of the building. I love it!


I think it’s a little pricey, but it’s also definitely worth it. I think my small was around $4.50. As a special treat though, totally delicious. The employees are VERY friendly, and service is fast! No complaints here. Go!


Josh: Van Dees is very small but they do have indoor seating (like 5 barstools or so). They also have actual food their like sandwiches and hamburgers but I have never had their food before. Maybe someday I will but not likely. When I think of Van Dees, I think of ice cream.


My grandma lived in Johnston and we would go here for special occasions. It always holds a place in my heart and I have to visit every summer while it’s open.

It’s a fun little place. You order at the window outside and sit wherever you can find a spot. They have multiple outdoor tables and a gazebo in the back. It’s also is connected to a bike trail so you can always bike their and burn the calories going back. I should also note that they only accept cash.


Van Dees is great, yummy, and local. Though the prices are a little higher than a chain ice cream place, it’s way worth it to support your local ice cream shop. If you have a hankering for some ice cream, come to Van Dees!106ae61f-3896-47eb-b2c7-76d24c733d07


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