Restaurant: Thai Flavors | Twitter: none | 757 N Ankeny Blvd, Ankeny, IA 50023 | 5/26/2016

Editor’s Note: This is the Ankeny Thai Flavors. After research, I could not confirm that this is the same Thai Flavors from the same chef/owner in Des Moines.



Grace: 4/5

Josh: 4.31/5.00

Why Thai Flavors?

Josh: I was leaving to go to Vegas for the weekend so Grace and I went out for dinner that Thursday. She had never been to Thai Flavors and it was in town so we decided to go.

Grace: Same ^^ I had heard good things! Plus I needed one last date before Vegas swept away my love. The drama.


The Meal

Josh: We started off with an order of crab rangoons. I am a big crab rangoon fan and I get them as my side anytime I get Hy Chi. I like me a good egg roll every once in awhile but I’ll choose a crab rangoon over an egg roll 99/100 times.


These crab rangoons were very good. You could tell that the ingredients were mixed well. I’ve had crab rangoons where the cream cheese was too strong and you couldn’t taste much crab (if any crab was put in there at all). The cream cheese to crab ratio was very good and I could actually taste the different flavors. These were top notch crab rangoons.


I got Pad Thai with a spice level of 2 (medium) for my main meal. This Pad Thai was very good, very filling, and pretty spicy.


There’s not too much to say about this meal. It tasted like Pad Thai should and it was wonderful. I’ve had Pad Thai at three places: Thai Flavors, Cool Basil, and at a stand at Celebrasian 2015.  Cool Basil and Thai Flavors were excellent and tasted very similar (which makes sense because I’m pretty sure they were affiliated at one time).


The one thing I was surprised about was how spicy it was. I ordered it at a medium (spice level 2) and my mouth was burning at the end. I’m awful with spicy foods and I ended up sweating by the time my meal was done. Besides that, it was delicious. Another great factor was that the quantity was fantastic and I was stuffed by the end of my meal. That always makes me happy.

All mixed together
All mixed together

Grace: THE CRAB RANGOONS WERE. SO. GOOD. Easily the best I’ve had. They were so crispy – I hate when you get crab rangoons and the bottoms are soggy. These were crispy and hot and delicioius. They came with a different kind of dipping sauce, some sort of honey soy concoction that was addicting. I could have probably made an entire meal of these babies alone.


I also ordered Chicken Pad Thai, spice level one. You guys…I’m a wimp. I was dying. I thought they accidentally gave me Josh’s spice level two, so I had a bite of his and I was dying even more. 😦


It was soooo gooooood though. I love Pad Thai. I think Gateway Market’s (w/ tofu) is still my fave, but this was pretty darn close. Like Josh said, there’s not a lot to say about it other than it tasted exactly like Pad Thai should. I love that they put their peanuts on the side so they don’t get mushy. Can you tell I don’t like mushy food?


Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: Thai Flavors isn’t anything fancy (and it’s right next to a Papa John’s, which is…something), but it’s clean and well-lit and everyone was extremely friendly. Our server was very kind.


Price-wise, this is comparable to Cool Basil – pretty mid-range, lots of options to choose from. I would recommend going there!

Note: they also deliver and have carry-out, so if you’re feeling sick/lazy/whatever, they can bring it to you! I think this would be an excellent choice for a sick day meal – the spice will clear out any sniffles for sure!


Josh: Thai Flavors is tiny and a little bare. It’s not well advertised and you may not even notice it while driving down North Ankeny Blvd.


The wait staff was very friendly and it was clean inside. The prices are very good as our Pad Thai was close to $10 for a crap ton of food.I don’t have a whole lot to say so I’ll just stop here.



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