Restaurant: Miyabi 9 | Twitter: @miyabi9_dsm | 512 E. Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309 | 3/26/2016



Grace: 4.2 Stars

Josh: 4.7 Stars


Why Miyabi 9?

Josh: Grace and I were going to the Pork Tornadoes concert at Wooly’s and wanted to grab some dinner before hand. We wanted something light because we knew we were going to dance and jump around all night. We decided sushi would be a perfect dinner before the show.

Grace: When the Pork T’s come to town, it’s party time. They are amazing. Sushi is amazing. Perfect combo! Miyabi 9 is a block from Wooly’s, so it was perfect.

The Meal

Josh: Note to self: if a menu item says “Soft-shell Crab”, don’t assume it’s a type of Crab Rangoon. Why I thought that I have no freaking idea. Looking back the menu item, the name seems pretty cut and dry. I went to their website (listed above) but they don’t have a menu. I was going to defend my confusion by quoting the description but I cannot find it. Oh well.


I enjoyed this. As Grace was Googling how to eat this (which is weak by the way) I just took a bite. It was a little salty but enjoyable. I love crab meat so of course I enjoyed this. I ate my little friend and he was pretty tasty. RIP my little angel.

Time for sushi! It was so good. I picked the Captain Crunch roll (crab, shrimp, tobika, and tempura crunch) and Grace picked the Tiger roll (she explains what that is below). We also split a smaller Alaskan roll.


Of course my pick was the best. It was crunchy and flavorful. Just look at it. The Tiger roll and Alaskan roll were very good as well. They were prepared perfectly and were presented beautifully.




Miyabi 9 has fantastic sushi. If you’re a sushi lover or have never tried sushi before; go to Miyabi 9. Their sushi will either deepen your love or start a brand new one.

Softshell Crab, Miyabi 9, Des Moines, Restaurants

Grace: We started with softshell crab (above). Josh and I assumed that it was a fancy name for crab rangoons, which we love! It is not a fancy name for crab rangoons. It is a crab. With a soft shell. You eat all of it. I had to Google it.

Tiger roll, salmon roll, miyabi 9, des moines, restaurants
Salmon Roll (top) + Tiger Roll (bottom)

I was not a fan. I’ll admit, I let my kind of grossed-out state of mind influence me, but what can you do? It was really salty and all I could think about was that it was a full crab. Blech.


We split 3 rolls after Mr. Crabs. Tiger Roll, Salmon Roll, and Captain Crunch Roll. The Tiger Roll had salmon, tempura shrimp, avocado, and was wrapped in seaweed. Salmon Roll had salmon, avocado, scallions & cucumbers. Both were delicious! I thought there was a LOT of salmon in the Salmon Roll (duh Grace, I know, but it was a LOT) and the texture was a little weird. Overall though, both delicious!

We also got a Captain Crunch. I don’t remember what all was in it (everything?!?!), but it was my favorite for sure. It was crunchy, go figure, and it had a little kick to it – delicious!


Captain Crunch Roll, miyabi 9, des moines, restaurants, sushi
Captain Crunch Roll

Atmosphere, Service, Price

miyabi 9, guy fieri, sushi, des moines
Guy Fieri Was Here!

Grace: My photos turned out horrible for some reason, but that plate in the photo above is signed by my one true hero Guy Fieri. Had to throw that in there. It obviously did wonders for the atmosphere, and truly made the experience.

Really though, Miyabi 9 is a very cozy place, only about 15 tables, so be prepared to wait if you go during peak dining hours. The service was just ok – our waitress was really pushy I thought. We had barely sat down and she was asking if we wanted appetizers; the next time she came back she asked “if we were ready yet” and sounded a little annoyed. She brought our appetizer plate out and not two minutes later was back with the sushi! Like I said, Miyabi 9 is small, which means the tables are small, too. All of the plates hardly fit and it annoying to be interrupted and then forced to move everything around while she tried to get it all on the table. Maybe I’m a snob. Whatever.


Price is pretty typical here – under $10 for basic rolls, $10-20 for specialty. Miyabi 9 was voted Best Sushi in Des Moines a few years ago, and the food lives up to that name for sure – go!




Miyabi 9 is in the heart of the East Village right on Grand Avenue. For such a prime location their food better deliver and oh boy does it ever. Look at all of those awards (below)!


Like Grace said, Miyabi 9 is pretty small but that’s perfectly fine with me. If I had to compare atmospheres: I like Miyabi 9’s atmosphere over Sakari Lounge. Something about a small, cultural and true sushi bar makes me love this place even more. It doesn’t try to make sushi “cool” but just serves traditional sushi. I won’t compare the food as both places are excellent. I just like Miyabi 9’s ambiance more than Sakari’s.


Price is comparable to other sushi establishments. You get damn good sushi for their prices so I think it’s a bargain. I have seen bigger serving sizes at other places so that’s a little sad. The wait staff was very friendly and I didn’t feel rushed like Grace did. Maybe I just don’t notice those things but Grace is very observant…lucky me.


Eat here. You won’t regret it.



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