Restaurant: Gusto Pizza Co. | Twitter: @GustoPizzaDM | 8950 University Ave. Suite 105
West Des Moines, IA 50266 | 3/16/2016



Grace: 2.3

Josh: 3.4

Why Gusto?

Josh: We just got back from Iowa Diamond picking out wedding bands. I spent a lot of money. Why not spend more?


(It’s hella worth it because our bands are bomb and I love this guy and YOLO and Gusto is cheap)

The Meal


Josh: We went into Gusto thinking we were going to split two 10-inch pizzas. The problem was that we couldn’t agree on the two so we each just had our own small pizza without sharing. Couple-ing!!


I got the Spartacus. It has red sauce, Graziano’s Italian sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella, banana peppers and cremini mushrooms. It sounded great so I got it.

The pizza was a pizza. I expected a lot more since its won Best Pizza in Des Moines from City View in the past. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe my pizza choice wasn’t the best. All I know is that I’ve had better pizza in Des Moines.


The Graziano sausage was dynamite and I believe all sausage pizzas from Des Moines should be provided by Graziano’s. The rest was just…good. The pizza was a little greasy but not enough for me to care. I usually hate mushrooms but I didn’t even taste them on this pizza. Again there is nothing wrong with this pizza…it was quite good! I was just expecting more.


Grace: I got the Fromage-A-Trois (amazing name) with Red sauce, garlic, red pepper flakes, mozzarella, provolone, Romano and fresh basil. Basically, I got a Margherita Pizza – SHOCKING.


It was a GREASE BOMB. I am not being dramatic here. I laid a (sizable) napkin over it to dab grease and it was dripping when I picked it up. DRIPPING. I’m not usually a dabber, by the way (of pizza OR dancing). I laid the napkin down on a plate and the grease started oozing onto it too. I was going to take a picture but it was too disgusting. I don’t know where all of that grease came from given the pizza ingredients. It was unappetizing and it kind of tainted my appetite for pizza.


The pizza itself was just ok. Not a ton of flavor. I was hungry so I ate it. Like Josh said, this is not the best pizza in Des Moines. Not even close. But it was an inexpensive, quick lunch.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: It’s really neat inside, especially for a fast(ish) food place. I was confused at first because for some reason I always thought Gusto was a sit-down restaurant, but I was very wrong.

They had some sweet light fixtures.














The atmosphere was super casual and very relaxed, and I loved all the natural light. Gusto has counter service, so be ready for that when you go in. Everyone was very pleasant. Price can’t be beat, especially when you accidentally come during happy hour and get half-price pizza (more on that below).

This would not be first on my list of places to go simply because of the grease factor listed above and because I think there is better pizza in the area (The OP is down the street and it is 100 times better and a similarly sized pizza is pretty much the same price byeee). I’d never suggest it if asked where I wanted to go, but I wouldn’t turn you down if YOU wanted to go there. Ya feel me?


Josh: I really enjoyed this place. I was not expecting it to be a “fast-food” type place though. You order at the counter and they bring it to you. I don’t see too many pizza places like that but it worked. We also went around 3:00 so it was pretty dead. Perfect time to go! Speaking of 3:00…All specialty pizzas are half off from 2:00-4:00! We got two specialty pizzas for dirt cheap. That made the experience even better!


The West Des Moines site is very clean and a pleasure to be in. I haven’t been to the other two locations (Ingersoll Ave or Johnston) but I enjoyed the West Des Moines location. When it’s not Happy Hour, the pizzas are decently priced but I would say they are a little over priced for what you get. I would suggest to at least try it and see if it did more for you than for me.

This sink made me so happy I don’t know why

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