Restaurant: Louie’s Wine Dive | Twitter: @LouiesWineDive | 4040 University Ave, Suite A Des Moines, IA | 2/27/2016

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Grace: 4 Stars

Josh: 3.2 Stars

Why Louie’s Wine Dive?

Josh: I just bought my suit for the wedding and we went out to dinner to celebrate. Grace raves about Louie’s Wine Dive and I have never been before. Today was the day that I finally tried it.

Grace: I kept telling Josh that we needed to go here because I thought he would probably like it. It was a beautiful day and we were close, so why not!

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The Meal

Josh: I don’t like wine. Wine is not good. Red wine is bad. White wine is bad. The smell of wine is bad. Wine is not good. I don’t like wine.

Moving on.

It was a beautiful day so we went on a walk at Gray’s Lake after I bought my wedding suit. We forgot to bring water on our adventure so I was thirsty. What quenches your thirst? Not wine. Water. So I drank water all night and it was delightful.

After I downed my water, we ordered an appetizer. Grace was feeling corn bread and I didn’t say no. I honestly never think of getting corn bread as an appetizer unless I go to a BBQ place. But Grace wanted some damn corn bread so we got some damn corn bread.

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This damn corn bread was actually very good. It came in a little pan and it was really good. The butter they served with it made it stand out though. It was cinnamon apple honey butter and it was good. It was almost a little too much so a little bit went a long way.

My main meal was the “Roasted Chicken and Corn Carbonara”. I’ve never had Carbonara before but the description sold me. It had “house made spaghetti, chicken, bacon, corn, white wine sauce, soft egg”. That sounds freaking delicious so I had to get it.


It was above average. The pasta/sauce combination was extremely good and it also tasted extremely good. The thing that was hurting it was the corn….

I mentioned how I don’t like wine…I also don’t like corn. I am from Iowa and I do not like corn. Corn in a can, corn on the cob, sweet corn…almost all corn is bad corn. The exception? Corn bread. Go figure.


I would take bites of this wonderful meal and I would sometimes get this corn taste. I was hoping the corn would mix in with the meal and I wouldn’t notice but that wasn’t the case. There were bites where the corn was over powering. Eww.

Also…I’m a quantity guy. The serving size was great for a lot of people…but for me, I was left still hungry. I don’t like wine. I don’t like corn. I don’t like being hungry.

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Grace: I love wine enough for the both of us, so whatever, Josh. After a brisk walk around the lake on a 70 degree February day (wtf), a crisp white sangria was sounding delicious. It did not disappoint!


The cornbread was also so delicious. I’ll take this moment to say that while I can cope with Josh’s hatred of wine, I don’t get the corn thing. Corn is freaking delicious. Corn is also packed with nutrients like fiber and potassium. If someone tries to tell you that you shouldn’t eat corn because it has “too many carbz, waaaah” (hi, lady at my gym), you tell them to shut right up. Corn is magnificent and one of the best vegetables on this earth. Bye.


Cornbread ❤

Josh was asking me what I like here, and I realized that I’ve never had the same thing twice at Louie’s! That’s a good sign for me; everything I’ve ever had there has been great. Along with my white sangria, I wanted a light dinner. I got Emily’s Harvest Salad, and it was very delicious! Greens, chicken, dried cranberries, bacon, apples, goat cheese, candied pecans, and balsamic vinaigrette. It also came with a little piece of garlic bread. Delicious!


Look how pretty and fresh! It was the perfect light dinner. My only complaint is that the chicken was dry. Sad.


Atmosphere, Service, Price


Grace: Louie’s is delightful. Very cozy, dim-lit, lots of string lights and cool wood pieces. Love! Our server was very nice and I think the prices are just right. The ingredients are all really fresh and beautifully presented, so the price being a little higher is (I think) justified. They have wines in every price range, which I really appreciate – they make trying new things easy and fun.


We loved the note at the very bottom of the menu.

Josh: I really enjoyed it in there. It’s a nice, quaint restaurant. Grace used the word “cozy” to describe it and I think she is correct. They had pretty lights strung everywhere and it was a neat looking. They have a bar area with TV’s all around and what looked like a party/guest room in the back.

unnamed (4)

Price wise seemed good. Our corn bread was $5 and my Carbonara was $14. I assume that’s a good price? I would have liked to see more food for that price but what can you do. Ask Grace how much her wine was because I drank water all night.

unnamed (5)

Our waitress was fantastic and everything else was good. Come here I guess?


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