Restaurant: Felix and Oscar’s | Twitter: @felixandoscars | 4050 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines, IA | 2/6/2016



Grace: 4.7 Stars

Josh: 4.8 Stars


Why Felix and Oscar’s?

Josh: Though Grace isn’t a fan of most pizza places in Des Moines (see Tavern and Blue Tomato), we were feeling pizza. This time we ventured in the deep dish realm of pizzas. Would something finally satisfy her pizza needs?

Grace: WHAT UP. I’m a snob I guess. Picky. But I do love me some deep dish pizza, and I got to pick date night (even though Josh originally suggested we come here, props), so this is where we came.

The Meal

Josh: When Grace and I were in college, we made garlic cheese bread a lot for dinner. Like a lot. It was cheap, easy, and we ended up being pretty damn good at it. Now it seems we always get garlic cheese bread when we go out for pizza.

So….we got garlic cheese bread!

unnamed (6)

Grace and I differ (shocking) on how our garlic cheese bread is cooked. I like a soft, chewy, heavenly crust while she likes a hard, crispy, overcooked, disgusting crust. Luckily, F&O’s garlic cheese bread was cooked perfectly with a soft crust. The bread tasted fantastic with all of the flavors blending together greatly.


I have always called myself a thin crust guy. I have always thought thin crust > any other crust. After some decent (but not great) experiences at other Des Moines pizza joints, thin crust has been letting me down. Luckily deep dish saved the day.


I have had F&O’s before but I don’t remember it being this good. This pizza was extremely good in every sense of the word. It was just a regular pepperoni pizza (because a deep dish specialty pizza like taco or chicken Alfredo seems odd to me). The crust was. so. good. and it made the pizza. It had a superb flavor and was perfectly flaky. Add the sauce, cheese, and pepperoni and you got yourself a great deep dish pizza.


Grace: Hello, yes, I like crusty bread. I thought this garlic bread was ok. It was basically the kind you can buy in the freezer aisle at HyVee with a piece of cheese slapped on top, but hey, who am I to judge? Like Josh said, we did that a lot in college. Memories.

unnamed (7)

You don’t come here for bread anyways, you come for delicious deep dish pizza. I do agree that specialty deep dish pizza sound awful and wrong, so I’m glad we went with pepperoni. It really was delicious. The crust makes the whole thing, and it’s so flaky and soft and terrible for you ❤ The sauce they use is delicious, and everything about this pizza was on fleek, as the youths say.


Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: When I was in high school drama club (nerd), we came to Felix & Oscar’s after opening night of every show. The pizza was delicious, but it was *disgusting* in there. Super dark, nasty carpet, sticky tables. Not anymore. They have completely gutted the place, and everything looks pretty modern. I actually really love the floors and tables, they have an almost gray finish that I want on every surface in my future home. I digress.


Their prices are very reasonable, and our server was really friendly. Plus, they had very clean bathrooms. Yay!

This is as close as it gets to authentic Chicago deep dish (which I feel that I can say because I’ve had it 💁🏻) as you can get in Des Moines. Please go!

unnamed (3)

Josh: Felix and Oscar’s must have remodeled at some point because it doesn’t look like a dump anymore. I haven’t been since I was in college but I remember torn up seats, wobbly chairs and a dark atmosphere. When I walked in this time, I was blown away by how it looked. They remodeled, added more TV’s and made it look like a snazzy pizza joint.

unnamed (1)

The service was great and our waiter was extremely nice and personable. The prices were also good as we didn’t pay too much for our meal. Deep dish pizza is a little more expensive than a thin crust pizza but it was worth it this time. Felix and Oscar’s has solid pizza that all deep dish lovers need to try.


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