Restaurant: Scratch Cupcakery | Twitter: @scratchbakery | 7450 Bridgewood Blvd Suite 215, West Des Moines, IA | 1/24/16

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Grace: 5/5 Stars

Josh: 5/5 Stars

Nam: 4.75/5 Stars


Why Scratch?

Josh: Grace and I are getting Scratch Cupcakes for our wedding. We were introduced to Scratch when we went to college in Cedar Falls (Northern Iowa). Scratch Cupcakes are by far the best cupcakes I have ever had and I was so excited when I heard they were expanding to West Des Moines. We needed to taste test multiple flavors and we needed a third opinion. Nam is a great friend of ours and is a cupcake connoisseur of sorts. He was the perfect person to bring along.

Grace: Bringing the emotion: Josh and I used to go to Scratch on dates and, most memorably, during the Main Street Holiday Promenade in Cedar Falls. Even back then I hoped I’d get them at my wedding (I said “my” not “ours” because I was/am hella superstitious and I didn’t want to jinx anything AWWW). So this is literally a dream come true, in many many ways. I’ll stop being mushy now. I love Scratch.

Nam: As a connoisseur of cupcakes, I was invited to help Grace and Josh taste test cupcakes for wedding.

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The Cupcakes:

We are going to switch things up a little bit. Since we sampled numerous cupcakes, we are going to do a quick review of each cupcake we tasted. Enjoy!

unnamed (26)

Wedding Day

unnamed (25)

Josh: Wedding Day is the OG. This was one of my go-to’s in Cedar Falls when I would go. It’s light and has an almond-y flavor to it. This may be one of the more popular cupcakes at Scratch and I can see why. It’s a solid cupcake.

Grace: This is a good cupcake! I don’t love almond flavored things, but if I had to pick one to eat, it’d be this. Almond cake with Almond Buttercream + Sprinkles. Still not my favorite, but delicious all the same.


Nam: I had the Wedding Day many times.  It has always been delicious and this time was no different.  It’s a classic.

Peanut Butter Cup

unnamed (24)

Josh: Peanut Butter Cup is good, but not the best. It’s pretty heavy and the frosting is pretty sweet. It’s super delicious if you have half of it, then it gets to be a little much. Give it a try if you like a good peanut butter and chocolate combo.

Grace: THIS IS MY FAVORITE SCRATCH CUPCAKE EVER. Growing up (and still), my mom made chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting for our birthdays. This reminds me of that and it is so good. It helps that chocolate/peanut butter is my favorite dessert flavor combination. It is a LOT of cupcake, and very rich as stated above, but so so good. Chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream. Can’t go wrong.


Nam: The Peanut Butter Cup was an alright cupcake.  The cake was pretty dense and heavy, but I really did like the peanut butter frosting.

Freshly Brewed

unnamed (23)

Josh: I was surprised by this cupcake. The coffee flavor was delicious and wasn’t overwhelming. It had a nice java taste that i could see myself getting again. It intrigued me enough to be more adventurous with my cupcake decisions. 

Grace: I expected this to be a lot more coffee-y, but it wasn’t (and that was a good thing!). It’s very light, just a hint of coffee & chocolate, and reminded me of the typical after-dinner coffee with dessert (is that not typical for all of you? You’re missing out. Decaf after dinner is *100 emoji*). I’m pretty sure the cake base was vanilla, maybe some of the liquid component was brewed coffee? I don’t know how they do it, but it was very good.


Nam: This was an interesting and fun flavor.  It tasted exactly what I would expect a freshly brewed coffee would taste like if it was in cupcake form.

Red Velvet Cheesecake

unnamed (22)

Josh: This one “wowed” me the most. I didn’t think I’d like this one, but I kept sticking my fork and coming back to it. The frosting was a cheesecake type frosting and the red velvet was surprisingly good. It turned out to be one of my favorite cupcakes of the day. Am I a red velvet fan now?

Grace: Red Velvet Cake is an atrocity and I will not stand for it.


Nam: The cheesecake frosting was delicious and helped elevate the red velvet cake.

Oh Happy Day

unnamed (21)

Josh: I was disappointed with Happy Day. I was so excited to try it and it didn’t meet my expectations. I thought it would be a cake-batter tasting treat but it tasted kind of blah. The fun-fetti thing didn’t do it for me and I didn’t find myself coming back to eat it as much as the others.

Grace: I loved this one! Do you like how Josh and I disagree on every flavor so far? Isn’t it fun? Good thing we will have multiple flavors on the big day 😉 I liked Oh Happy Day, it was so fun! Tasted like birthday cake + sprinkles inside, vanilla-y sweet buttercream on top. YUM.


Nam: My least favorite cupcake.  It was pretty bland and not a very exciting cupcake.

Cookies n’ Cream Truffle

unnamed (19)

Josh: Can you go wrong with cookies n’ cream? It’s pretty difficult. This is a solid cupcake that was extremely flavorful. The Oreo crumbles and frosting were top notch and I have nothing but positive vibes for this dessert.

Grace: WE AGREE ON SOMETHING. This cupcake was so good! It had oreo bits in the cake (again, kind of vanilla, but still tasted like oreo creme) AND in the frosting. The frosting tasted exactly like oreo creme. So good. This is a must-have & I can’t wait to have it again. New favorite?? Maybe…


Nam: This was my favorite cupcake that we tasted.  The cake itself was moist and scrumptious while the frosting was creamy.

Hot Cocoa

unnamed (20)

Josh: This was a wild card. It wasn’t in our original 6-pack but ended up getting it anyway. Nam wanted a 6-pack to-go and Hot Cocoa came with it. Grace wanted to try it and Nam was nice enough to let us go at it. The marshmallow frosting was very good and I say that because I’m not the biggest fan of marshmallows. The inside actually had a marshmallow filling and it worked well with the chocolate base. I didn’t have high expectations for this cupcake but I ended up really enjoying it.

Grace: This was another good cupcake. Nothing standout for me, just a nice chocolate cake/marshmallow filled cupcake with a frosting that I’m pretty sure was also made from marshmallow fluff.



All Done :)
All Done 🙂

Atmosphere, Service, Price

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Grace: Every Scratch location I’ve been to is adorable inside. They keep all the cupcakes on display behind glass, and they’re all just cute and perfect. The staff is always so nice. I had questions about ordering for the wedding and the woman behind the counter was able to answer them all and gave me so much additional information. Very helpful! Cupcakes are a square $2/piece, which is super reasonable. Go there all the time!! Vegan friends, they make vegan cupcakes now!!

unnamed (1)

Josh: It’s a small, cute little store inside. It reminded me of the Cedar Falls location so I was pretty excited to see that they didn’t change the layout too much. They only have 5 or so tables in there because most people take them to-go. I wasn’t a huge fan of the bar stools because you couldn’t adjust the height and it seemed that I was sitting pretty tall for the height of the table.

The prices are good with cupcakes being only $2 each. The staff is very friendly and they serve you right away. They have other things on their menu like cookies, smoothies, shakes, and coffee. I have never ventured out from cupcakes but maybe I should. Nah, I’ll probably just keep getting cupcakes.

unnamed (3)

Nam: The cupcakes are fairly priced which is great because there are so many different cupcakes that I still need to try.  Everyone there is extremely nice and I envy them for working at such a great establishment and being able to eat all of those cupcakes.


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