Restaurant: Blue Tomato Kitchen | Twitter: @BlueTomatoDSM | 860 1st St, West Des Moines, IA 50265 | 10/31/2015



Grace: 2.8 Stars

Josh: 3.14 Stars

Why Blue Tomato Kitchen?

Josh: Tina (my mother) loves Groupons. She received a Groupon to Blue Tomato with a stipulation that required at least four people to attend. Their friends couldn’t go and the Groupon was set to expire. She called Grace and I to save the day even if we weren’t their first choice. Oh well.

Grace: I’m ok being second choice. We’d never been here before so we said sure! Plus…I love Mike & Tina 🙂


The Meal

Josh: We started off by splitting an appetizer of Toasted Ravioli. It was pretty good but not great. It tasted like it should have tasted but never “wow’ed” me. It was food.


For my main meal, I wanted to get a pizza. I decided on the “Spicy Sausage” pizza. They have house made sausage so I wanted to see what that was all about.


Disappointment city. The pizza was good but never “wow’ed” me (yeah I’ll say it again). The sausage was average and I wasn’t a fan of the crust. The overall flavor worked and it wasn’t awful by any means. I have heard great things about Blue Tomato and their pizza is their specialty. I expected better and they didn’t come through.

Blue Tomato has the same chef as Baru 66 (Chef David Baruthio). Baru 66 is considered one of the best restaurants in the Des Moines area. Knowing that, I expected a lot from Blue Tomato and I left disappointed.

I will say that my parents really enjoyed their meal. My brother got Chicken Marsala and my father got Carbonara. With their glowing recommendations, I would come back and try something new.


Grace: I also partook in the Toasted Ravioli. It was fine. Like Josh said…not terrible, not great. Just fine. Then I got the Margherita Pizza. Margherita Pizza is my favorite kind of pizza, plus I had heard amazing things about Blue Tomato, so I was excited!


But I went with Josh to Disappointment City 😦 Again, it was fine!…but not what everyone else had built it up to be. I did enjoy the crust; it was kind of like a cracker crust and it was crunchy and delicious. But it wasn’t super flavorful, and it didn’t feel like – to me – a true Margherita Pizza. A true Margherita Pizza has a ton of red sauce made from multiple types of tomatoes, big blobs of mozzarella cheese, and lots of basil on top. Like this (thanks, Google):


Mine just tasted like a cheese pizza with some basil on top. Wah.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: The atmosphere is really neat! Pretty modern, fun art, cozy seating. I liked it a lot! Our service was great; our server was super friendly and had a lot of great recommendations for us. It was on par price-wise with similar restaurants in town. I’d try it again, but I’d get pasta next time!


Josh: Love the paintings and atmosphere of this place. That Blue Tomato picture (which is a take off “The Son of Man“) is so cool. I kept looking at it in amazement. One of the coolest pieces of art I have seen in a restaurant. The place itself is pretty small as it took over a previous bagel shop. Our waitress was very friendly and prices rival other Italian restaurants. Though I was expecting more, I would go again.


Update: 10/31/16

Josh: Blue Tomato has closed. It sounds like you can still find this menu at the owner’s other restaurant Prime Land & Sea.

Update: 12/26/17

Josh: It looks like Prime Land & Sea has closed as well.



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