Restaurant: Tsing Tsao (West), 3846 100th St, Urbandale, IA 50322 | Twitter: Nope | 10/26/2015


Grace: 3 Stars

Josh: 2.8 Stars

Why Tsing Tsao?

Interior | Tsing Tsao

Josh: Grace hounded me to go to the doctor for months. I finally got an appointment scheduled so I took the day off work. While I had the day off, I thought it would be fun to take Grace out for lunch. And it’s fun to rub it in her face that I have the day off.

Grace: Josh had the day off and took me out to lunch! Tsing Tsao is right around the corner from where I work, so it was the quickest, most delicious option.

The Meal

Orange Chicken | Tsing Tsao

Josh: Let’s start with the soup: It tasted like typical Chinese soup. I slurped it up and finished it. Next question.

Anytime a Chinese restaurant gives you an egg roll AND a crab rangoon, it’s a good place to eat. The more food the better. Quantity>Quality.

In this case however, the egg roll was too lettuce-y and the crab rangoon had no filling in it. Disappointment all around. The Orange Chicken was good though. It had an Orange Chicken flavor and the chicken was properly cooked. Hooray no food poisoning!

Egg Drop Soup | Tsing Tsao

Grace: I had Sesame Chicken. Well, first, we got the Egg Drop Soup or whatever it is that they give you…I’m not a fan. Anyways! Sesame Chicken was good! Not the best I’ve had, not the worst. The Egg Roll was delicious, as was the Crab Rangoon. The Fried Rice was Fried Rice. Pretty standard! I’ll go back, but I’ll probably get something else (I love their Orange Chicken, which is what Josh got).

Sesame Chicken | Tsing Tsao

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Interior | Tsing Tsao

Grace: Tsing Tsao looks terrible from the outside (and V tacky  on the inside). Sorry, Urbandale. I know you love it, but you have to admit, it looks like a place you would go to get food poisoning. Hi, I’m Grace, and I’m super judgmental.

The service is SO FAST and friendly. You barely sit down and they have the food to you! It’s great. Especially on a work day. And it is hella cheap. Like, I thought I would be “nice” and treat Josh to lunch…it was like $13 for both of us for all that food. LOVE IT.

Josh: If you grew up in Urbandale, you went to Tsing Tsao. Lunch on weekends, lunch during school hours, or anytime you damn well please. Urbandale loves Tsing Tsao.

Well…Tsing Tao is overrated. It’s average food for a hella low price. There are so many better Chinese options in the Des Moines area for a slightly higher price.

Will I stop going? Hell no. It’s dirt cheap…Do you take me as a savage?


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