Restaurant: Sakari Sushi Lounge, 2605 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312 | Twitter: @SakariSushiDSM | 10/13/2015




Josh: 4.56

Why Sakari?

Josh: Grace was leaving for New York the next day so we wanted to go out to eat before she left. Sushi sounded good and I’ve never been here before. Grace has been here before and recommended it so…here we are!

Grace: I was headed to #TheCity to see my bestie, but would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss my *other* bestie. Aww. So we had a date! Josh loves sushi but had never been here, and it’s my favorite sushi place, so I said LET’S GOOOOO.

The Meal

Josh: We were seated at the sushi bar which was pretty cool. We were able to see them prepare our food and watch them do their magic. We decided to start with an appetizer but weren’t sure what to get. We asked our waitress for a recommendation and she recommended the Dynamite Shrimp. I am so glad that we went with that because it was one of the best fried foods I have ever had in my life. No brainer. No doubt. This was the bees knees. Golden fried goodness with cream cheese and shrimp. I assume there were other spices that made it great but this was damn good. Would eat again. And again. And again.

(Hi, it’s Grace! I’m interrupting. What a surprise. The SAUCE on this was some sort of spicy cream sauce + teriyaki sauce and it was SO GOOD. Plus everything Josh said up there. Ok bye.)


Oh the sushi was good too. Real good. We split two rolls: “Happy Ending” and “White Tiger”. You can see what those rolls are by looking at their menu. We each chose one and split both. I chose “White Tiger” and she chose “Happy Ending”. Not to toot my own horn…but my selection was better. But what’s new?


They were both really good! “Happy Ending” had more of a teriyaki taste to it while “White Tiger” was just flat out pure bliss. Both were really good and I would get both again. I have only had sushi at two places: Myabi 9 and here. I put them both on the same level of greatness and  expect all sushi to be this good. Demand it.


Grace: I will concede that Josh’s selection was better. It had a lot more flavor…the Happy Ending was good but really fishy. I know, it’s sushi. But there’s a line, you know? I basically chose it for the name. Hi, I’m a grown 24-year-old woman.

White Tiger was delicious! So good. I also had my first piece of raw ginger. Really branching out here. I said it up there but Sakari is by far my favorite place for sushi. I’d eat one of every roll if I could!

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: I was a little disappointed that we were seated at the bar rather than at one of the tables, but glad to see the place busy! Sakari is called a sushi “lounge”,  and it definitely fits that description. Everything inside is black and red and dimly lit, candles on the tables, very sexy. I love it.

Sushi isn’t cheap, but I think this is reasonable. $15ish dollars per roll, but the rolls are very filling, and possibly healthier than a lot of other eating-out options (right????? yeah we’re going with it.).

Our waitress was very attentive and had great recommendations for us. Obviously will be back very soon 🙂


Josh: This place is so cool inside! It has that lounge atmosphere and is very modern. They have a nice bar area and has an overall cool vibe. Sitting at the sushi bar was a new experience but I enjoyed it. I did feel weird being able to hear the chefs conversations and them being able to hear our conversations. Oh well. Our waitress was nice, the food was excellent and the sushi was priced like sushi (roughly $15 per specialty roll). I would definitely go back to get my sushi fix.



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