Restaurant: Wasabi Chi, 5418 Douglas Avenue, Des Moines | Twitter: nope | 9/25/2015


Grace: 3.5 Stars

Josh: 3.29 Stars

Why Wasabi Chi?

Josh: Wasabi Chi was on our list. We went there.

Grace: Same ^^


The Meal

Josh: If I’m being honest, I was hoping for Grace and I to order separate entrees and split one or two rolls of sushi. That was my personal goal. Unfortunately (and to no ones fault), Grace wanted her own roll of sushi and wasn’t hungry enough for a big meal. So I got an entree and we split an appetizer.


We started off with Grilled Beef Negimaki. It was like sushi…but not really. Instead of the rice/seaweed, it was a thin slice of beef with vegetables inside covered in teriyaki sauce. It looked like beef medallions but it wasn’t pure beef. Boy that would have been something. It was very yummy and a good way to start off the meal.

Now for the big shebang. The grand salami. The hog molly itself. Chicken and Shrimp Bahamas. Look at it. What do you notice? Oh I think I see it…


It’s in a freaking pineapple shell. The food. The stuff I eat is inside half a pineapple shell. It’s not in a bowl. It’s not on a plate. It’s in a pineapple shell. A pineapple shell. And you know what? It wasn’t bad.


The sauce brought me back to a time. A much simpler time in Cedar Falls and the good ole University of Northern Iowa. The sauce tasted extremely similar to the sweet and sour sauce at Ippa. (That link is to their Facebook page where it hasn’t been updated since 2012. They don’t have a website. They might be closed. Pour one out for the homies). The nostalgia of the sauce on my current meal brought a smile to my face. I won’t even talk about anything else about the meal. That was the only part I cared about.


Grace: Hi, I fail at eating! We got there and I was just…meh. Not that hungry! So I let Josh down and just got a sushi roll. Bad Grace 😦

I second everything Josh said about the appetizer we got! It was dank AF. I spilled some on my dress. It was not my night.


The sushi was delicious! I got the shrimp tempura roll, which is my go-to. It was kind of small, which was great since I wasn’t suuuper hungry. But I would have shared that with Josh if I knew how small it was, and then got something else as well! Oh well. What can you do? I’ll go back sometime.


Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: I was scared when we got there that we wouldn’t get seated for a long time because the parking lot was so fast, but we waited maybe 5 minutes? As sketchy as it looks on the outside (I wondered if I was in the right spot…), it’s lovely inside, very lounge-y. I liked it a lot! The service was great, prices seemed reasonable compared to other sushi spots in town…I’d definitely go back!


Josh: We got there around 6:40, got seated, got our food very quickly and were out the door by 7:15. It was crazy how fast it was. It was fast yet the food was hot and cooked correctly. Our waitress was very nice and refilled our drinks every chance she got. My dish was a little pricey (but c’mon…it was in a pineapple shell). If I were to go back, I would order something else and get sushi as well. City View rated it the best sushi of 2015 so it has to be worth trying, right?


**Someday I’ll get a real camera and our photos will be better**


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