Restaurant: Leaning Tower of Pizza, 512 SW 3rd St, Ankeny, IA 50023 | Twitter: nope | 9/19/2015


Grace: 3.25 Stars

Josh: 3.99 Stars

LEANING TOWER, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Ankeny, Iowa

Why Leaning Tower of Pizza?

Josh: My mother, father, brother and Grace went to Firetrucker for some drinks. My father is a very frugal man Like very very frugal. But when he drinks…he’s very generous. We noticed Leaning Tower of Pizza on our drive to Firetrucker so when we were walking back to the car my father offered to buy us dinner. What??

Hi, Mom and Dad!!

Grace: Mike’s buying pizzaaaaa!!!


The Meal

Josh: For some reason, my father has to order onion rings at every pizza place he goes to. It’s what he does. Maybe that’s a normal thing to do? I personally like ordering bread sticks or cheese bread when going to pizza places but since I wasn’t paying I wasn’t complaining.

Luckily, my dad had been drinking and ordered two appetizers. What??

We ordered onion rings (shocker) and bread bites. The onion rings were pretty good. They were the big rings and not the stringy kind which is good. The quantity wasn’t the best but the quality was good enough to sustain it.

Parmesan cheese on ketchup is on point.
Parmesan cheese on ketchup is on point.

The bread bites doe. Dey was da real MVP. They were just…bites of bread. Bites of bread soaked in butter and Parmesan cheese. They were surprisingly delicious and one of the best parts of the entire meal.

Breadstick Bites, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Ankeny, Iowa
dat pool of butter/grease doe

As for the main course, my dad ordered two large pizzas. What?? We ordered a chicken Alfredo and a meatball. Again, I’m not sure if ordering a meatball pizza is a normal thing. My roommates think it’s a very weird thing to order. My mom always orders a meatball pizza when we go out to pizza places. It’s what I grew up with. Onion rings and meatball pizza. Damn my life is weird.

The pizza was good. It tasted freshly made and was delicious. Nothing particular jumped out at me. It was just solid pizza. Solid.

Grace: Ummmm the onion rings were not my thing. Too greasy. Plus one time I had fresh-cut onion rings at a brewery in South Bend, Indiana, and nothing has ever compared. Ever. Sorry.

The bread bites though…I second everything Josh said. They were delicious! So bread-y. Nom. I don’t know what else to say. Just look at that picture! You know you would stuff your face with those. I did. Worth it!

MEATBALL PIZZA, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Ankeny, Iowa

I really enjoyed the pizzas! My favorite was the meatball – the chicken alfredo one was a little bland for my taste. But the meatball had a little kick (so probably tasted normal to most people because I’m a wimp) and was hearty and delicious!

CHICKEN ALFREDO PIZZA, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Ankeny, Iowa

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: It’s tiiiiiny in there, and we had to wait probably 20 minutes for a table, but I don’t mind doing that for places like this, that are small and local and good. Plus I had cool people to wait with (aww) and it was a beautiful night (we had to wait outside because it was so tiny), so the time went really fast.

Service was great! Our server was attentive and very nice. And she suggested the bread bites, so that earns points in my book. Yay carbs!

I don’t know how much this cost. THANKS MICHAEL!

LEANING TOWER, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Ankeny, Iowa

Josh: It’s small inside. When waiting for a table, we had to wait outside because there’s no where to sit/stand when waiting fr a table. It took 15-20 minutes to get a table but it was worth it. It’s a local establishment and the food is good. The prices rival other pizza places and the service was extremely friendly. I would like to come back. Maybe after Firetrucker again?

LEANING TOWER, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Ankeny, Iowa


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