Restaurant: Drake Diner | Twitter: @DrakeDiner |  1111 25th St, Des Moines, IA 50311 | 9/7/2015


Grace: 5 STARS

Josh: 4.92 Stars

Why Drake Diner?

Josh: It was Labor Day and we wanted to do something. Many restaurants were closed but the Drake Diner was open. Our friend, Bre, has recommended this place numerous times and that also factored into us going there. Plus breakfast is dank.

Grace: It was Labor Day & we wanted to hang out! I’d never been there.

Drake Diner, des moines, breakfast, drake university
I made him pose by the Bulldog since he goes to Drake now!

The Meal

Josh: As a Drake student, you have to go to the Drake Diner. It’s a must. Us locals LOVE this place and consider it the best place for breakfast in Des Moines.

Sorry, I’m being an ass. I take classes through Drake but am nowhere near campus. I’m a fraud. A sham. I am not a local :(.

When there’s a menu with breakfast and lunch, you gotta go with breakfast. Perkins? Breakfast. Village Inn? Breakfast. Any local diner? Breakfast. It’s the American way and we all know that breakfast is the best meal of the day.

Drake Diner, des moines, breakfast, drake university, pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns

I got the “No. 5”. Two eggs, hash browns, your choice of meat (I got bacon), toast (I got whole wheat), and two buttermilk pancakes.

To make this short: the food was phenomenal. Everything was cooked well and the bacon was crispy (you’re a heathen if you like chewy bacon. eww). The pancakes were nice and fluffy and my “Sunny Side Up” eggs were nice and runny (sunny side up eggs are the way to go. Scrambled eggs can go home). All-in-all, The Drake Diner is a fantastic place that I will be returning to very soon.

Grace: Capt’n Crunch French Toast Sticks & a Side of Eggs. YUM. Guys. This french toast was so good. It was battered, coated in Capt’n Crunch, then fried. It was like a basket of heart attack but it was so worth it. The eggs (scrambled) were HOT (I’ve been to a lot of places where the eggs come out cool and it makes me sad) and fluffy and delicious.

Drake Diner, des moines, breakfast, drake university, french toast sticks

Also, Josh is wrong. Chewy bacon is the best, and scrambled eggs are the best. HE can go home. Marriage will be fun.

Drake Diner, des moines, breakfast, drake university, scrambled eggs
Scrambled Eggs. The way God intended.

I honestly wanted to try everything on the menu. It all looked so good, and I’ll definitely be back for more!

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Drake Diner, des moines, breakfast, drake university

Grace: Hands down the cutest restaurant I’ve been in. Black & white checkered tile floors, pink neon lights, a breakfast bar with swivel stools…it was like Stella’s but cuter. In. Love. It was also PACKED, which is always a good sign.

The service was great! It was Labor Day and it sucked that people still had to work, but our server was extremely friendly and attentive. We gave him a good tip. Also, the Drake Diner is hella cheap. I was amazed.

Overall, SO GREAT!

Drake Diner, des moines, breakfast, drake university

Josh: I feel bad for people who have to work on Labor Day. I worked retail throughout college and had to work on Labor Day and Memorial Day numerous times. It sucks. Our waiter was fantastic and upbeat. He was on our refills and was an overall nice person. The diner itself was pretty cool inside. I feel like the regulars sit at the bar in the same seat and order the same food; it’s that kind of place. It’s a classic diner with delicious food. GO BULLDOGS.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim Wilson says:

    Your service was below subpar today. Waited 23 minutes to be seated or at least acknowledged and have our name taken. Gave up and went to Woodys.


    1. Grace says:

      Sorry dude but we’re not Drake Diner, we’re just a couple of bloggers. FWIW, they’re totally worth waiting for, but Woody’s is bomb too!


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