Restaurant: Zombie Burger | Twitter: @ZombieBurgerDM | 7/25/2015


Grace: 4 Stars (also, sorry in advance for the bad photos, it was dark and all I had was my iPhone)

Josh: 4.80 Stars (also, When Grace was taking the pictures, I asked her if she needed more light. She responded with something like “oh it’s OK! I can edit them to make it lighter. No one will know!) Pssssh

Why Zombie Burger?

Menu, Zombie Burger, East Village, Des Moines

Grace: Because Zombie Burger is DELICIOUS and we hadn’t been there in ages. We went to the one in the East Village, but I’m excited to give the Jordan Creek edition a try sometime too.

Josh: Zombie Burger is the novelty of Des Moines. If a famous person tweets “hey I’m coming to Des Moines! Where should I go before the show?” I 99.9% guarantee that at least 1 person will say Zombie Burger every time. Prove me wrong. That being said; hell yeah we have to go too.

Menu, Zombie Burger, East Village, Des Moines

The Meal

Bacon Bleu Cheese Fries, Zombie Burger, East Village, Des Moines

Grace: We started with Bacon Bleu Cheese Fries. They are a must. Fries don’t come with your meal at Zombie Burger, and they’re really not that expensive. Josh and I split with Garrett, who came with us on this one, and it was plenty.

Undead Elvis Burger, Zombie Burger, East Village, Des Moines

For my burger, I had #14, the Undead Elvis (one patty). Don’t think I’m gross..here’s what’s on it: peanut butter, fried bananas, bacon, American cheese, egg, mayo. Sound nasty? It’s not. It’s freaking delicious. It’s kind of like a breakfast sandwich, but with 3098534 calories, probably. Apparently Elvis loved peanut butter and banana (and sometimes bacon) sandwiches, so that’s where the inspiration came from. My only complaint is that my burger was kind of cold when I got it 😦

Fun fact: Elvis also apparently loved something called Fool’s Gold Loaf, which is a loaf of Italian bread filled with a pound of bacon, peanut butter, and grape jelly. So at least I didn’t eat that. Anyways, #NORAGRETS

Photo from Google

Josh: Like Grace said, we ordered Bacon and Bleu Cheese fries. It has the good kind of blue cheese that’s crumbled and not the saucy kind. The fries are a go-to and I get them every time I go.


My burger was “They’re Coming to Get You Barbara” (it’s actually on the picture of the menu above). But if you’re too lazy to scroll up, the buns are grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ll stop there and let you read it again. There are two grilled cheese sandwiches on this burger. That’s just the buns. It also has a burger patty (I opted for only one patty because I’m a wimp), caramelized onions, American cheese, bacon and Zombie Sauce. What’s in the Zombie Sauce? Cancer I assume.

The burger is freaking fantastic. It’s one of my favorite burgers I have ever had. The burger itself is above average but the grilled cheese sandwiches and Cancer (Zombie Sauce) makes the burger complete. They have plenty of burgers on the menu but I keep resorting to this one.


I also got a milkshake. I didn’t get a kiddie milkshake, but an adult milkshake. It had nummy alcohol in it. Because I’m an adult.

It was the Tallahassee. This milkshake had vanilla ice cream, a Twinkie, blended cherries, cherry Kool-Aid powder and Vanilla Vodka. HOLY GOD WAS IT SWEET LIKE WOW JESUS. It was a little hard to drink because of how sweet it was. Was it good and did I enjoy it? Yeah, it was a fun novelty drink to get. Would I get it again? I would probably opt to try a different flavor.

But the best part of getting a MILKshake is not being able to share it with my lactose-intolerant girlfriend. Sometimes her disease is a blessing in disguise (for me at least).


Atmosphere, Service, Price

Zombie Burger, East Village, Des Moines

Grace: First thing’s first: if you’re going to Zombie Burger, be prepared to wait. They do not accept reservations or call-ahead, and it’s not uncommon to wait an hour or more. The nice thing is that they take your phone number and text you when your table is ready, that way you don’t have to hang around. Our wait was an hour, so we walked down the street to Quinton’s for a drink to kill the time.

Zombie Burger, East Village, Des Moines

Zombie Burger is probably the coolest restaurant I’ve been in, decor-wise. Huge zombie-themed art is everywhere, chain link fences hanging from the ceiling, an entire zombie-themed menu. They also play awesome music, though it’s a little loud at times. I’m old. Whatever.

I’m always somehow surprised at the prices. You walk in and it feels like it’s going to be really expensive, but it’s not at all. Relatively cheap for the food you get, and it always tastes good. Please go!


Josh: You will have an hour+ wait if you go to Zombie Burger. Luckily there’s a bar down the street that is close by (Quinton’s). Have a couple drinks at the local bar and Zombie Burger will text you when your table is ready. Not bad.

This place is just awesome. The decor is fabulous and the atmosphere is better. They show horror movies every once in awhile and they play The Walking Dead every Sunday when a new episode comes out.

Along with the atmosphere, they play great music! When we were there I heard some great Indie songs including Bizness by tUnE-yArDs, The House That Heaven Built by Japandroids, and Diane Young by Vampire Weekend. I like when restaurants play music other than the stereotypical restaurant music (if they play music at all).

Even though Zombie Burger is a novelty, it still serves solid food. I recommend that you go and check it out and just enjoy yourself.



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