Restaurant: Palmer’s | Twitter: @palmersdeli | 110 N Ankeny Blvd # 200, Ankeny, IA 50023 | 7/10/2015


Grace: 5 Stars

Josh: 3.27/5 Stars


Why Palmer’s?

Grace: I had the day off! Plus…Palmer’s is delicious. Why wouldn’t you go to Palmer’s?

Josh: Grace took the day off work because we were supposed to be at 80/35 all day. It turned out that I had a graduate class that same day (I bought tickets before I signed up for class). Since Grace already had the day off, we went out to lunch at Palmer’s. In the end, my class got out early and we were still able to catch Wilco by the end of the night.

The Meal

Grace: I also had a box lunch. I know you’re reading mine first but Josh wrote his first and I don’t feel like changing things around. SPOILER ALERT: He had a Box Lunch too. Sorry.

Palmer's Deli

I had The Club (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, om nom nom) with an Italian tomato salad, chips, and a brownie. Their sandwiches are so good. So. Good. Look at all the stuff that’s in that sandwich! Look at it from the side!

Palmer's Deli

There was bacon on there too. Oh goodness. It was so delicious. Palmer’s is the best sandwich shop there is. Period. Done.

The Italian tomatoes are also delicious! Romas, mozzerella, basil, olives, olive oil…so simple, so good. Lay’s are Lay’s (I love them), and I feel like if you live in central Iowa, you’ve had a Palmer’s brownie, and you know how amazing it is. Solid lunch. I wish I could eat here every day.

Josh: I ordered “The Box Lunch”  which includes a sandwich, a 4 ounce non-meat salad, Lays potato chips, and a dessert (brownie or cookie). It’s a good amount of food for my good amount of appetite.


My sandwich was “JPs Favorite”. It included pastrami, ham, bacon, Swiss, cheddar, honey mustard on pumpernickel kaiser. My non-meat salad was their new-style potato salad and I chose their homemade brownie for my dessert.

The sides are extraordinary. The “new-style” potato salad has bits of bacon in it and has a sour cream base instead of a mayonnaise base. Their potato salad is probably the best I have ever had and that includes my mom’s homemade potato salad (sorry, Mommy). For dessert, their homemade brownies are orgasmic-like. So. Good. Try one and eat it. Just do it.


My sandwich was pretty good. It looked really good when I ordered it because…look at all that meat. I mean…yeah. But after I finished the first half  of my sandwich I realized something was missing. It was missing vegetables. For the second half of my sandwich, I was craving some juicy tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and disgusting onions. None were to be found. I then sadly ate the rest of my sandwich. It was still tasty and the meat and bread were very good. It was just my damn fault and I will order a different sandwich next time.

Atmosphere, Service, Price


Grace: They are so quick and efficient, although the first couple times ordering there can be intimidating because it’s kind of spread out. But the people that work there are super nice (Iowa) and will help you out! It’s always clean and always busy, and it’s a great little lunch spot. It’s a little more expensive than Subway or Jimmy John’s, but it’s also 37934792837 times better than either of those places or any other lunch place ever so you should just go ok bye.

Josh: When we chose this place, I had no idea this was an Iowa thing. I thought it was a chain restaurant so there was no reason to go here. I was wrong when I looked up their locations and realized they are only located in Iowa. Yay local!

Palmer’s is…..a place. There’s honestly nothing unique about it except their good food. It’s clean and very open inside which makes it pleasing to enter. Other than that, I can’t say much about it. Go there for the good food and their friendly staff!

Update: Numerous other times

Josh: My initial rating was very harsh and Palmer’s doesn’t deserve that. Since then I’ve been getting something different that makes Palmer’s very very yummy. I now get a boxed lunch (still) but my sandwich is now “The Marshall”. The big kicker: I substitute my disgusting, plain, Lays fr an extra side. Boom. Game changer. A better sandwich and two sides? Palmer’s is now a go-to lunch spot. 5/5 for quantity alone but the quality is now up there with it.


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