Restaurant: Woody’s BBQ | Twitter: @WoodySmokeShack| 7/10/2015



Grace: 2.75 Stars

Josh: 3.72 Stars

Why Woody’s?

Josh: Birthday dinner! My birthday was actually sometime in the spring so it seems natural to celebrate it in July. My parents took me, my brother and Grace to Woody’s Smoke Shack (my choice. Duh. I’m the birthday queen). I’ve been there once before when my relatives were in town for a funeral. Yay!

Grace: Josh’s birthday is May 2nd. Put it in your phone, make a big deal out of it next year. He’ll love it. I swear 😉

I’ve been to Woody’s once before for the same reason – with Josh when his family was in town.


The Meal

Josh: Coming into the day, I knew what I wanted. I wanted “Woody’s Dinner”. It includes three meats and three sides. A hell-ton of food for the birthday diva. I wanted brisket, pulled pork and 1/4 rack of ribs. The problem? They were out of ribs.I was about pull out my best “My Super Sweet 16” meltdown but I decided it wasn’t worth it.


I instead got the “Woody’s Smoked Combo”. Which only had a measly TWO meats and TWO sides. My meats were Brisket and Pulled Pork and my two sides were Mac and Cheese and spicy Jambalaya. Every meal comes with all-you-can-eat cornbread which is the real MVP.

You get SO MUCH food. It’s amazing really. The Pulled Pork was the best of everything. It was smoked to perfection and I didn’t want it to end. The brisket was a little dry so I didn’t enjoy it as much :(. The sides were also good with the Jambalaya as the standout side. It was spicy and flavorful. The Mac and Cheese was creamy and tasted like Mac and Cheese.


Grace: I also had my hopes reeeeally high for ribs, only to have them crushed when I overheard Josh ordering his food. I had to think on my feet. Wah.

I usually love brisket, so I got that, plus cheesy mashed potatoes and cinnamon apples. And cornbread. The cornbread was hands down the best part of this meal. It was fresh and warm and endless. The brisket was ok; it had good flavor but it was really dry I thought. And I’m not one to slather things in BBQ sauce, so I was kind of at a loss. I didn’t love the cheesy potatoes. My *disease* is slowly killing my taste for cheese, I think, because I keep not liking cheesy things I used to like. Tragic.

The apples were apples, they tasted like cinnamon apples. Nothing to mind blowing there.

I just don’t think I’m a BBQ girl anymore.

Atmosphere, Service, Price


Grace: Woody’s is super cute inside! It’s tiny – only seats about 20 people inside, and a bunch more on the patio, where we sat – but decked out in BBQ themed everything. I love it. The counter service works for this reason; having waiters running around would only create confusion. I think their prices are reasonable, and the employees we spoke to were nothing but kind. I would go back…but only if I knew they’d have ribs!


Josh: Woody’s is located in the Drake neighborhood and it’s a small-sized restaurant. Just like Smokey D’s, you pay and order at the counter while a server brings you your food. That being said, the service was great! She brought out our food and left us alone (you refill your own drinks and get your own unlimited corn bread). I assume the price was reasonable? It was my birthday dinner so I didn’t pay. Yay! Woody’s has some of the best BBQ in the Des Moines area. I wish I could have tried their award winning ribs, but you can’t win them all.




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