Restaurant: B-Bop’s | Twitter: nope 😦 | 7/4/2015 MERICA


Grace: 4.5 Stars

Josh: 4.50 Stars

Why B-Bop’s?

Grace: We ate at B-Bop’s on the 4th of July last year and it was so delicious we had to do it again. We are a nation built on tradition and we will cling to those traditions no matter what. Duh. ‘Merica.

Josh: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. The original Pledge of Allegiance from 1892 because I’m going America. (Yes…we ate at B-Bops on the Fourth of July and finally posting it on July 20. Luckily freedom is never late).


The Meal

B-Bop's! Urbandale Iowa 4th of July

Grace: Quarter Pounder with all the fixin’s. Even cheese. You heard me. Sometimes we have to sacrifice for our country. Plus I had just run my first ever 5k that morning (yeah I’m slipping that in here, what up) and I deserved it. The burgers are good but the fries are where it’s at. Don’t listen to Josh. He’s going to tell you all fries taste the same, and he’s a liar. B-Bop’s fries are the best fries you will ever eat in your life. Please go to B-Bop’s and order a small chocolate shake and fries and dip your fries in your shake like a real American. The end. NOM.

B-Bop's! Urbandale Iowa 4th of July

Josh: If you were raised in Urbandale, Iowa, you were forced to love B-Bops. That’s where you went after your Little League game. That’s where you went on a summer night. That’s where you went as a kid, teenager and adult. B-Bops is an Urbandale staple that everyone has tried because that’s where your parents took you as a kid and you grew up to love it. Is it the best burger place in Urbandale? Sure it is. It beats McDonalds, A&W and…uhhh…those are basically the only fast food burger joints in Urbandale. So yeah…B-Bops wins.

Overrated or not (that’s up for debate) I personally love their burgers. I think they have the best fast-food burgers not only in Urbandale but in the metro. Now if there happened to be a Five Guys moving here…then I would have a different story for you. But that’s for another day.

I ordered a 1/2 pound bacon cheeseburger deluxe combo meal. The burger had all the fixings and it came with fries and a drink. I substituted my drink for a chocolate milkshake and got cheese sauce for my fries.

The burger was magical. It’s soul crushing goodness with every bite. The bacon was crispy (which is the BEST kind of bacon) and the two patties were greasy and juicy. The chocolate milkshake was thick just the way I like it (hehehehe) and it’s a go-to if you don’t have a lactose disability that cripples you. The fries are fries. I got this disgusting cheese whiz type sauce to dip my fries in. Was it gross? Yes. Would I get it again? Every time.

The meal was great and I felt like an awful person afterwards. It’s not the most nutritious thing I’ve ever put in my body but was it worth it?

I’d assume my doctor would say no.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

B-Bop's! Urbandale Iowa 4th of July

Grace: It was so beautiful outside, so we stuck around to eat on the patio. It’s sticky and there’s birds everywhere trying to steal food, but like Josh said, it’s an institution. You eat your greasy burger on the sticky tables and you like it. Plus you get to hear old songs like this one, which is totally about a cat. Yeah.

Josh: This place is a drive-through only restaurant with seating outside. You can either do the standard drive-through or walk-up and order from the outside window. We sat outside and it was a beautiful day! Bald eagles were flying and everything. America and stuff.


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  1. Rae says:

    This looks amazing!


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