Restaurant: Tasty Tacos | 2401 S.E. Delaware Avenue, Ankeny, IA | Twitter: @Tasty_Tacos | 5/9/15


Grace: 3 1/2 Stars

Josh: 4.30 Stars

Why did we choose Tasty Tacos?

Grace: Josh had just moved to his new place in Ankeny so we were running errands and were hungry. I was maybe a little hungover and Tasty Tacos is the best cure.

Josh: We were running around doing errands in Ankeny. I recently moved to Ankeny so we were getting apartment things. Tasty Tacos was right there and dammit do I like a good taco.

The Meal

Guacamole, flour chips, tasty tacos, mexican, ankeny, iowa

Grace: We split flour chips & guac. I looooove their flour chips (it’s like eating a plain tortilla) but their guac is meh. Too sweet somehow. I still ate it. I also got two original tacos. Boring order, but so delicious. They’re so greasy and terrible for you…again, good hangover food. I felt like garbage for about two hours after but that’s what you get for eating delicious Mexican grease bombs I guess!

Original Beef Tacos, tasty tacos, mexican, ankeny, iowa

Josh: Remember the Malo review where I said every restaurant should have complimentary chips and salsa? (of course you do and don’t pretend you don’t adore my writing). Well this is a Mexican restaurant and it didn’t provide such a service. Shame that Obama’s America has become so beaten down that we can’t enjoy the things we love. Oh well.

We ordered chips and guacamole (that annoying Subway girl is right…That IS fun to say (gun emoji to head emoji)). Also…is it grammatically correct the way I put two parentheses in the same sentence? Ehh no one reads this blog anyway.

The chips are dank AF. They are fried with a light crisp to them. When you bite into the grease, that light crunch just tickles your palate and the warm, chewy center overtakes your body. I highly recommend the chips. As for the guacamole…All guacamole tastes the same so I thought it was very good as well.

The tacos were so good! I love Tasty Tacos and I get the same thing every time: One original flour taco and one chicken flour taco. I put just a tiny bit of their signature hot sauce on it to give it just a tiny kick. The grease and the cheese form together and create a marriage not even Westboro Baptists would disapprove of. I would argue that these are some of the best tacos I have ever had. I highly recommend Tasty Tacos.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

Grace: I mean…we’ve all been to Tasty Tacos. It’s nothing special, but it works! There are tables and chairs and silverware, so I was a happy gal. The kid behind us kept running away from his mom so that was pretty hilarious. Service is quick, you just order at the counter. It was pretty busy when we went but it was still fast! And these tacos are dirt cheap. Our whole meal was less than $20 I’m pretty sure. Not. Bad.

Will return. Obviously.

Josh: The place in Ankeny is pretty fancy compared to the other ones I’ve been to. They’ve stepped their game up to reel in the rich folks. I’m not a marketing major but I assume that’s something (I have no idea where I’m going with this sentence). The prices were good and our meal together was under $20. Service is fast and hot when you receive it. I’ll say it again…These are some damn good tacos.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Grubes says:

    Do you think maybe the guac had cheese in it? I heard some kinds do.


    1. Grace says:

      NOW LISTEN HERE YOU FRIGGEN TURD…. it’s tooooootalllyyyyy possible.


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