El Bait Shop | 200 SW 2nd Street Des Moines, IA 50309 | Twitter: @elbaitshop | 5/1/15


Grace: 3.7/5

Josh: 3.3/5

Why El Bait Shop?

Grace: We were downtown for Mixology Night at the Science Center with some friends and were hungry. El Bait Shop was in walking distance, plus we’d tried to go a few weeks ago after an I-Cubs game and it was PACKED. It finally worked out!

Josh: We were at Mixology and getting hungry. El Bait shop was close by so we walked down for some food!

The Meal

Elephant Squat, el bait shop, des moines, iowa

Cheeseburger Basket, el bait shop, des moines, iowa Grace: I got the hamburger basket and an Elephant Squat IPA from Exile. Sorry these pictures are terrible, but as I said before, we’d just come from Mixology and I was not driving that night soo…yeah. ANYWAYS, the hamburger was a hamburger, nothing out of the ordinary, just very good. I loved the crinkle fries. But I just want to talk about beer this this time. The Elephant Squat was a double IPA and I was in heaven. It was so good and so bitter and just perfect. Exile has yet to create a beer I don’t love. Plus it had “elephant” in the name, and tipsy Grace couldn’t not get a beer with her favorite animal on the label. Duh.

Josh: When you think of some of the most deadly sins, what do you think of? Murder? Adultery? Obama? All of those are wrong. The worst thing you can do is go to El Bait shop and not have a beer. I mean, they have the largest beer selection in Iowa. You don’t go to El Bait shop for the food! You go for the beer. Well my friends, I did not have a beer that night. I made a sin that I will surely go to hell for. For you see, my friends. I was DDing that night and I do not risk alcohol and driving. Bacon Bleu Burger, el bait shop, des moines, iowa

“But Josh! One beer won’t hurt you!”

You’re right, friend! It wouldn’t! But we were coming from Mixology at the Science Center and I had a couple of drinks already. I was feeling pretty good and was not going to risk putting myself over the edge.

“You’re such a pussy”

I know you are but what am I?

ANYWAY I didn’t have a beer and I’m a terrible person. MOVING ON, friends. When we got there I ordered a water. sigh For food, I ordered a bacon blue cheese burger. Now, friends. If you know me, you know my go-to burger is a bacon blue. If you (for some reason) keep on reading this blog, you will see me order many bacon blue burgers. I judge them because I have high standards. This one…was good. It had Maytag blue cheese which is a great product so I approve. The blue cheese was a little skimpy but since it was quality blue cheese, it didn’t harm the burger. The burger itself was normal. The meat didn’t do anything for me so meh. The fries were actually good. They were crinkle cut and very hot and juicy. Good stuff.

Atmosphere, Service, Price

El Bait Shop, el bait shop, des moines, iowa

Grace: El Bait Shop (and Highlife Lounge, for that matter) are pretty dive-y, so you don’t go in there expecting five star service or anything. I actually really love that aspect of it – you can show up wearing whatever, no one is stuffy, everyone’s a friend. It’s great. Our server was a little rude, especially to one of my friends who was just trying to go over the list of the gajillion beers. He kept prodding her to make a decision and asked her kind of rudely if she “needed help deciding on something orrr….”. LAY OFF MY FRIEND DUDE YOU HAVE A LOT OF BEER. That was frustrating. Everything else was great! Would for sure return – hope to again soon!

Josh: This is a good place for a beer. Sigh. The atmosphere is awesome. Bunch of random junk hanging from the walls and ceilings. It’s a beautiful dive bar. It’s a great place to go after an I-Cubs game or some event downtown. The prices were reasonable for bar food so I have no complaints. The server was a little bit of a dick but maybe he had a hard day, ya know? Maybe he didn’t have a beer. Sigh.


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